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The Enve Carbon Seatpost has been updated with a new clamping design. No doubt mechanics and cyclists who ride these great posts will rejoice. The previous version, while light, compliant, attractive, etc., featured a single bolt clamping design that you either got right the first time or fiddled with it for as long as it took you to get it right, or throw it in frustration. Okay, so it wasn't that bad, but challenging for quick adjustments or saddle changes. The new, patent-pending twin bolt design features two wedges that offer more space for rail access and make for simpler angle adjustment, with a range of zero to 27 degrees. That range will accommodate seat tube angles from road/TT through the super slack DH seattube angles. Just follow the simple instructions that come with the post and you will be more than pleased. For those of you who prefer oversize carbon or titanium shaped rails, Enve even provides both standard and oversize cradles with the seatpost.

The body of the seatpost hasn't changed. Enve's standard proprietary end to end molding of unidirectional carbon fiber is laid up for maximum strength, minimal lateral flex and just the right amount of vertical flex for comfort and power transfer. The material defeats road vibration and keeps the post exceptionally light. Despite the light 204 gram weight, Enve does not distinguish between road or mountain use. The post is strong and durable enough for any discipline. The Enve Carbon Seatpost comes in both zero and 25mm offset options, and the two supplied mounts feature cold-forged aluminum cradles and wedges, with stainless steel bolts for excellent reliability. Enve has made a great, though finicky, seatpost better, with the new twin bolt system making installation, adjustment and use simple. Win-win.

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  • Light, durable vertically compliant, laterally stiff carbon seatpost with multiple options
  • Proprietary molded, end to end unidirectional carbon fiber layup
  • New twin bolt cradle features adjusting wedges for easy install and adjustment
  • Cradles and wedges are cold-forged aluminum, with stainless steel bolts
  • Comes with standard and oversize rail cradles
  • Saddle Angle Adjustment: 0-27 degrees
  • Diameter options: 25.4mm, 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm
  • Length options: 300mm, 400mm
  • Setback options: Zero, 25mm
  • Graphics: Enve Black on UD Carbon
  • Weight: 168 grams (27.2x300mm/Zero)
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