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Enve's Carbon Stem is an excellent example of why the company has been so successful. The perfect balance of torsional stiff and light weight ensures excellent steering control and rider confidence under any load, proper support for the handlebar, and assists in vibration damping. Enve refers to this stem as a road model but it is equally at home on your gravel, cyclocross , or XC mountain bike.

Enve has used their proprietary molding process to develop the stem from unidirectional carbon fiber, laid in continual sheets to form a laminate under pressure. The lay-up itself is optimized for torsional stiffness and lateral strength. Threading zones and openings are molded into place, not drilled or cored-out. The continual UD carbon delivers maximum strength while the high-quality material and dedicated engineering ensures light weight and zero waste after molding.

Enve uses cold forged aluminum for the faceplate. It is strong, light, incredibly reliable, and provides excellent grip on 31.8mm bar, so when the titanium clamping bolts are evenly and properly torqued, slippage is virtually impossible. As a whole the Enve Carbon Stem executes the purpose of a stem perfectly, and adds the advantage of absorbing road vibration. This cannot be understated. Many aluminum and carbon stems are maximally stiff and light, but do little or nothing to justify higher prices. By absorbing and defeating vibration, the Enve Carbon Stem will actually reduce potential hand, arm and upper body fatigue. This is especially noticeable on long rides, or on the second day of a maxed out weekend on the bike. On top of all that, the UD carbon finish and the design issue a striking, though somehow subdued, clean design. This is especially true with the current Black on carbon graphics. At just 115 grams in the 100mm length, and the stiffness, strength, damping and control properties every cyclist desires, your new stem is ready for purchase.

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  • UD Carbon laminate stem, molded construction, intended for road, cross and gravel
  • Elegant look, light weight despite high level torsional stiffness and lateral strength
  • Cold forged alloy faceplate is affixed with titanium hardware
  • Faceplate bolt threads molded in during construction, not drilled and tapped
  • Stack height: 41mm
  • Angle: +/- 6 degrees (84 degree)
  • Color: UD carbon with Black graphics
  • Lengths available (mm): 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
  • Weight: 115 grams (100mm length)
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