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The Enve Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut has been designed to ensure that an improper tubeless tape job doesn’t result in a damaged rim. If the tubeless seal between tire’s air chamber and the rim’s cavity is breached, the rim’s cavity can become pressurized resulting in a pressurized rim and potential delamination of the rim’s sidewall. The Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut prevents this from happening by creating an escape for the air via fluted reliefs on the inner diameter of the nut. Air escaping from these ports, indicates a compromised tubeless seal.

In researching many different types of rims, tapes, and valves used in tubeless systems, Enve's engineers set out to create a safer tubeless valve and lock nut. Closer inspection of the ENVE Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut reveals four fluted openings located on the inner diameter where the threads are located. While it may seem counter-intuitive, these air openings actually help with the safety of your tubeless setup, and prevent accidental damage to your rims. Air pressure seeping under improperly applied tubeless tape will now be safely evacuated without risk of delaminating your carbon wheel.This product is recommended and engineered for all Enve tubeless SES wheelsets but is compatible and effective for other brand road tubeless wheelsets as well. Please don’t hesitate to read through Enve's installation instructions, watch their video, or contact Enve directly if you’d like more information on this product and your road tubeless setup.

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  • Pair of composite Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nut for tubeless rims
  • Designed for Enve SES Tubeless, but works with other manufacturer's wheels
  • Please read all instructions and utilize Enve's website and video assets
  • Color: Black
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