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ENVE offers the SES 3.4 as front and rear options, this is the rear wheel. Make sure to purchase the front if you are seeking a pair of wheels

The SES 3.4 wheelset by ENVE stands as a pinnacle of versatility in the cycling world, adeptly bridging the gap between high-performance road racing and challenging mixed-surface events. With its roots in the prestigious Giro d’Italia's Dolomites and the rugged gravel of Unbound, the SES 3.4 is renowned for its adaptability and resilience across diverse terrains. The latest iteration of this wheelset retains the key features of its predecessor, the SES 3.4 AR, including the 38mm front and 42mm rear rim profiles and a 25mm internal width. However, it sets a new standard in lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 1390 grams due to a recent laminate update.

The SES 3.4's high-volume rim design, coupled with ENVE's Wide Hookless Bead technology, not only positions it as a top-tier option for World Tour level road racing but also as a favored choice for mixed surface events. Its exceptional pinch-flat resistance, aero profile optimized for high-volume tires, and low weight make it an unparalleled all-around wheelset. Strategically placed between the SES 2.3 and SES 4.5 in ENVE's lineup, the SES 3.4 offers a lightweight solution that doesn’t compromise on stability or handling, particularly on technical descents and rough pavements. This wheelset has been optimized for road tubeless performance, featuring a hookless bead design that ensures precise rim dimensions for peak tubeless performance. ENVE's patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead further enhances tubeless tire and rim reliability, significantly reducing the risk of pinch flats.

At the heart of the SES and G Series wheels lies the ENVE Premium Straight Pull hub, a testament to ENVE's commitment to innovation and quality. This hub features oversized steel ratchets positioned over the bearings, reducing axle and bearing stress and ensuring positive engagement. The INNERDRIVE™ Premium hub is notable for its weight savings of 60 grams over previous models, four engagement options (40t, 60t, 80t, 100t), and the use of consistent spoke lengths for ease of maintenance. The hub's anti-twist spoke hole and silent spoke crossings eliminate spoke creak and ensure a flawless build and ride quality.

The unique rim shapes and constructions of the SES 3.4's front and rear wheels are the result of in-frame development and rigorous testing, aimed at optimizing efficiency and ride experience. The front wheels focus on crosswind stability, crucial for aero efficiency, especially in time trials and triathlons. The rear wheels are designed to recapture airflow from the front to the back of the bike, maximizing drag reduction. Aerodynamically optimized for modern high-volume tubeless tires, the SES 3.4 offers increased speed, comfort, grip, and puncture resistance, particularly over poor road surfaces and gravel.

The road tubeless design represents the zenith of wheel and tire performance, with the hookless bead design playing a significant role in achieving this. ENVE's meticulous approach to the hub shell geometry, bearing selection, and preload tuning culminates in the ENVE Premium Road Hub. This hub epitomizes efficiency, longevity, and simplicity, with benefits including optimized torsional stiffness, lightweight construction, and premium grade stainless steel bearings for enhanced durability. The Perfect Preload™ system ensures maintenance-free operation, longevity, and improved rolling efficiency, making the SES 3.4 not just a wheelset, but a comprehensive solution for the modern cyclist's needs.

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  • SES 3.4 wheels sold individually as front or rear./li>
  • Latest version lighter at 1390 grams with updated laminate
  • 38mm front and 42mm rear rim profiles with a 25mm internal width
  • High-volume rim design and Wide Hookless Bead technology
  • Optimized for World Tour level road racing and mixed surface events
  • Features pinch-flat resistance and aero profile for high-volume tires
  • Optimized for road tubeless performance with a hookless bead design
  • ENVE Premium Straight Pull hub for efficiency and reliability
  • Hub designed with oversized steel ratchets and consistent spoke lengths
  • Front wheels maximize crosswind stability, rear wheels optimize drag reduction
  • Weight: Front Wheel: 627g | Rear Wheel: 753g
  • Freehub Options: Shimano HG, SRAM XDR
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