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ENVE offers the SES 4.5 as front and rear options, this is the front wheel. Make sure to purchase both if you are seeking a pair of wheels

The SES 4.5, a favored choice among serious cyclists for its remarkable speed and confidence-inspiring ride, has undergone a re-engineering process aimed at reducing weight, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency, and elevating its performance in high-speed scenarios. Whether you're gearing up for race day or seeking the fastest road wheelset for undulating terrain, the SES 4.5 hits the sweet spot for speed.

Initially crafted to deliver an aerodynamic edge over the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix with high-volume 28-32mm tires, the SES 4.5 AR made its mark as a trailblazer in 2016. In 2022, ENVE integrated the best features of the SES 4.5 AR, including the high-volume tire-optimized rim design that excels in aerodynamics and stability. The update introduces anti-pinch flat technology and a lighter, more refined laminate to reduce weight and enhance the overall ride experience. This redesign endows the new SES 4.5 with greater versatility, providing pinch-flat resistance and reduced weight without compromising speed.

Featuring an internal rim width of 25mm, the SES 4.5 ensures confident handling, making it a game-changer on technical courses with imperfect pavement. Like the entire SES wheel line, the SES 4.5 is optimized for road tubeless performance, showcasing a hookless bead design that achieves precise rim dimensions for optimal tubeless performance. Enhancing tubeless tire and rim reliability, this aerodynamic carbon fiber wheelset introduces ENVE's patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead—a design element at the leading edge of the rim that offers a more forgiving surface, reducing the likelihood of pinch-flatting a tubeless tire upon impact.

At the heart of the SES and G Series wheels lies the ENVE Premium Straight Pull hub, a testament to ENVE's commitment to innovation and quality. This hub features oversized steel ratchets positioned over the bearings, reducing axle and bearing stress and ensuring positive engagement. The INNERDRIVE™ Premium hub is notable for its weight savings of 60 grams over previous models, four engagement options (40t, 60t, 80t, 100t), and the use of consistent spoke lengths for ease of maintenance. The hub's anti-twist spoke hole and silent spoke crossings eliminate spoke creak and ensure a flawless build and ride quality.

Throughout its evolution, the SES 4.5 has set a new standard against which all other aero wheels are measured. Outpacing the majority of our competitors' deeper wheels in speed, while simultaneously being lighter and instilling more confidence in gusty crosswinds, the SES 4.5 stands as the favored choice among riders for a compelling reason. If you're a speed enthusiast in search of the ultimate race wheelset, your quest ends here.

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  • Wheels sold individually as Front or Rear
  • Hub Type: ENVE Innerdrive Premium Straight Pull
  • Wheel Size and Spacing: 700c/ 12x100
  • Brake Type: Center Lock Disc (Lockring NOT Included)
  • Front Depth: 50mm
  • Front Internal Width: 25mm
  • Front External Width: 32mm
  • Minimum Tire Size: 27mm
  • For Use with Tubeless Tires Only
  • Weight: 651g (Front Wheel)
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