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Enve engineers spend a good deal of time in the wind tunnel looking to reduce grams of drag, so they can serve up free speed. What they found and an aero road drop handlebar can reduce aerodynamic drag by almost as much as an aero road frame. While being aerodynamic, the bar also employs an optimal radius in the drop for brake lever access and grip. The compact 77mm reach matches up well with today's longer, flatter set-up shifter bodies for smooth transitions and a more ergonomic wrist position while riding on the hoods,

Enve developed the SES Aero Road Handlebar in the wind tunnel and optimized it for the road. The Smart ENVE System Aero Road Bar is built to deliver industry leading drag reduction, comfort, and handling precision. The first thing you will notice is the SES Aero Road Bar's airfoil top with minimal frontal area This is perfect for the rider looking to optimize their aero efficiency and position on the bike. Unlike other flat top bars, the wing profile of the Enve SES is stiff for powerful torque when climbing or sprinting, while still delivering the smooth compliance expected of top shelf carbon road bars. Internal cable routing and included aero bar end plugs indicate that the folks at Enve have refined every detail.

The SES road bar features internal routing for mechanical and electronic systems to further save valuable watts. To further the integration with electronic groups, the bar now accommodates the housing of a junction box in the bar end.

This bar allows multiple hand positions and fits various hand shapes to give riders plenty of options, but the design truly favors riders who spend a lot of time in the drops. Ride feel and handling are carefully tuned to meet the high performance demands of road and ITU triathlon racing. Sizing this bar is a little tricky in that it is measured at the very end but has a flare. The 42cm size measures 37cm at the levers and a 44cm size is 39cm at the levers. You may want to size up accordingly. The narrow shift lever position and generous flare mean you still hold a clean aero profile while in the drops, and have wrist clearance for out of the saddle efforts. The narrow position at the hoods may take some getting used to, but the reason you are considering this bar is the increased aerodynamic potential, and you want to maximize a narrow frontal position. If this sounds like you and what you want, choose the Enve SES Aero Road Handlebar, and take on the peloton as you slip through the wind.

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  • Di2 Internal Cable Routing Integration
  • Race ready, aerodynamically shaped carbon, flat-top shaped road handlebar
  • Molded from continuous layers of UD carbon, tuned for stiffness and compliance
  • Compact 77mm reach and 127mm drop, open radius, in all sizes
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter, with 48mm wide clamping zone
  • Integrated, molded, internal cable routing
  • Includes aero bar end plugs
  • Measured center to center, sized at bar end width, with 5cm hood to hood reduction
  • Sizes C-C: 40cm (35cm at hoods), 42cm (37cm), 44cm (39cm), 46cm (41cm)
  • Weight: 233 grams (size 42cm)
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