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Enve has gone to exhaustive lengths to develop the SES Tubeless Road Tire set-up. Equally exhaustive has been their sharing of their intentions, results and testing processes that enabled Enve's team to deliver these tires to market. SES Road Tires are competitively lightweight, striking a refined balance between puncture resistance, rolling efficiency, and tread life; with all the data to back that up. Based on their rim widths and profiles, the concept was to create tires that combined a hybrid rim/tire shape based on proper width matching (of the rim and tire) that delivers balance between handling, stability, rolling efficiency and aerodynamics.

Why would Enve, a wheel and component move to create tires? To match the needs and requirements of their wheels and ensure maximum overall performance. Besides, Enve partnered with Tufo, the Czech Republic tire manufacturer known best here for their cyclocross history, to share the R&D process, build the prototypes, test, and manufacture the end result in smaller batch production. Tufo has over 25 years experience making top-end tires in a region that has serious rubber manufacturing tech, direct access to Vectran, and the capability to develop proprietary in-house formulated rubber compounds- all of which Enve needed.

From the Zylon synthetic polymer bead, a laminate designed casing featuring Vectran, the SPC Silica tread rubber, and out to the Breakaway Tread design, the entire tire breathes innovation, top quality materials, and impressive results. Optimized for hookless tubeless rim systems of the proper tire width, the SES Tubeless Road Tires are designed for the best tire size - rim size match, ideally defined by inner-rim width, to create a hybrid effective tire shape, not rounded, not elliptical, but in between. For example, a 29c SES Tire measures out to 29mm at pressure with a 21mm internal width rim. As mentioned, Enve has serious detailed information on their site with comparative testing results, tire shape diagrams, and charts that reflect which tire sizes work best with their wheels, what pressure ranges to run, etc. Far too much for us to list here, but if you are serious about your tires and Enve wheels, you'll be doing all the research. To be sure the SES Tires are not limited to Enve wheels, but can benefit similar tubeless rim and internal width aero wheel designs from other manufacturers. These fantastic new road tires are available in 25, 27, 29, 31 700c sizes

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  • Enve's world class SES entry into tubeless road tires, built by Tufo
  • Incredibly well researched, designed, built and tested tires that maximize Enve wheel performance
  • CFD and in-frame wind tunnel development was crucial to refinement, end result
  • SES Road Tires are competitively lightweight –striking a refined balance between puncture resistance, rolling efficiency, and tread life
  • Hybrid rim/tire shape based on proper width matching delivers balance between handling, stability, rolling efficiency and aerodynamics
  • Developed for maximum rolling efficiency while minimizing the trade-offs
  • Aero optimized for SES, but capable of making any aero road wheel faster
  • Other benefits: light weight, class leading puncture resistance, casing material, construction, tread compound
  • Low rolling resistance on par with best-in-class but without sacrificing reliability/durability
  • Zylon™ Synthetic polymer bead material was chosen for its high strength, thermal stability, and creep resistance (stretching over time); Anti-chafe strip protects bead
  • Laminate designed casing with Vectran holds shape for cornering stability, power transfer; resists punctures/pinching
  • SPC Silica tread rubber - high performance road racing tread compound, features 66ShoreA durometer and provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with Activated Silica filler for excellent wet weather performance and low rolling resistance
  • Breakaway Tread design and tire’s shape deliver aero performance by aiding air flow attachment from tire to rim across the range of yaw angles
  • Tread thickness balances longevity and rolling resistance
  • Tubeless optimization of Enve tires:
    • Tire designed to match latest ETRTO bead seat diameter tolerance specifications
    • Bead diameter, stiffness tuned for user-friendly installation; reduces compressive loads on the rim
    • Hookless Rim Compatible
      • Tire bead stiffness is tuned and suitable for use with “TSS” type, straight-sidewall, hookless rims so tires will maintain a seal and retention on the rim
  • Colors: Black, Black/Tan
  • 700c Sizes/Weights: 25c/255g, 27c/265g, 29c/275g, 31c/285g
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