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Our world is one best defined by choices- as in we have an incredible level of choice in virtually all areas of our lives, especially with consumer products. Ever stop in the toothpaste aisle and feel dazed and confused? At least many of our choices are driven by improvements and personalization. Take mountain bike grips, for example. Ergonomics now dominate the discussion, but ultimately these things are incredibly personal- dictated by many physical and psychological variables. This where we feel ESI's new Fit series grips have a true advantage- as the grips deliver on ergonomics but aren't restrictive. Curious? consider the properties of silicone and ESI's traditional grips, and read on.

By now the success story of ESI grips has become not only legendary, but the small Arizona company sparked a silicone revolution in mountain bike bar grips and with road bike bar tape. Silicone has moved into the mainstream, and ESI's 100% silicone products are still the benchmark that other options are compared to. Innovative from the beginning, and focused rider experience and comfort, ESI now offers more MTB grip options, which are essentially blended versions of the standard grip thicknesses. With the varying needs of today's riders, on and off the trail, and loaded, complicated cockpit controls (shifters, brake levers, dropper and suspension remotes, bells, and so on) grips are evolving to newer needs, and refinements to how riders prefer grip shapes, thicknesses, and protection. Enter the ESI Fit series, and the XC model, which takes the widths of the Extra Chunky and the Chunky grips and combines them into a new favorite of serious of riders riders who previously opted for the Chunky or Extra Chunky but wanted something slightly different.

The ergonomic Fit series grips are designed for a personalized, completely natural hand position on your handlebar. The new designs balance the pressure that your hands exert onto the handlebars, increasing bar control dramatically. Both the Fit XC and Fit CR grips have three distinct areas: INNER - This area is the perfect step up for your hands to rest against for maximum bar control in turns. MIDDLE - This thinner (Chunky) area is perfect for extra torque and powering while climbing. OUTER - This thickest area (Extra Chunky) is for better hand comfort, especially while descending. Each area of the Fit Grip flows flawlessly into each other creating the perfect hand placement naturally. Your hands instantly feel comfort when they grasp their unique shape, as if they were exclusively molded for your hands.

The middle section has the smallest diameter- so the Fit XC is like the 32mm Chunky there. This wasted area also aligns well with the access to your shift and brake controls, giving you more room and freedom to operate the mechanisms. Your specific components and preferred grip position will go a long way to determining this. We highly recommend that you install the grips yourself, and immediately work to define the best position for you. Some riders may mount the grip to the end the bar, then adjust cockpit controls, while others may have preferred control placement and modify the grip location. Just remember even with rubbing alcohol as a lubricant, the grip will set-up quickly and be hard to move. Just know that you can use something smooth and narrow (that won't damage your bar or the grip- tip: save an old tooth brush and use the handle) to wiggle under the grip and allow you to shoot a little alcohol- or glass cleaner- under the grip to give you some ease of movement for adjusting the grip.

All ESI grips are made from 100% silicone that conforms to the hands and offers excellent comfort while ensuring control. ESI's grips can reduce problems like numbness and hand pain. The silicone material is resistant to tears, extreme heat and cold, and non-porous so it never gets waterlogged or compromises feel or grip. With the FIT XC, the manufactured ergonomic zones actually assist and expedite the process. Smart, innovative, extremely effective, the Fit XC Grips add a new chapter to the ESI legend.

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  • New tri-thickness 100% silicone ergonomic MTB grips from the original silicone bar grip maker
  • Designed for a completely natural hand position on your handlebar
  • Fit XC combines 34mm and 32mm widths of the Extra Chunky and Chunky to offer more comfort where needed, and less volume where more direct yet subtle pressure is required and more room is desired for controls, leading to the inner section - short, thicker zone that supports the hands at times when max control is required
  • Great wet or dry grip means great connected feeling and sure control
  • The silicone will subtly conform to your hand shape and placement with time
  • ESI recommends rubbing alcohol as lubricant for installation- see video on ESI's site for further instruction- No need for adhesive of any kind!
  • Silicone is resistant to UV damage, won't fade, dry out, or harden, and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, other cleaners, even acetone
  • Grip length: 5⅛" (128mm)
  • Diameter (installed on bar): 34mm / 32mm / 34mm (approx- actual thickness can depend on how much you stretch the grip lengthwise- use 128mm as length marker to define the three diameters closely to spec)
  • Includes: 1 pair of grips, 1 pair of ESI endcaps
  • Select color from drop down menu
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Made in USA
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