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Rounding out the consistent thickness silicone mountain bike grips from ESI, we have the Extra Chunky model. Accidental pun, but whatever! Yes, while some racers prefer the 30mm diameter Racer's Edge, and many flat bar riders of all types find the 32mm Chunky hits the grip sweetspot, ESI rolled out the 34mm Extra Chunky Grip as an option for those with large to extra large hands/fingers, but also for those who may simple need the max comfort and protection. In a world where so many of use spend hours every day swiping and typing, and carpal tunnel is seemingly as common as the run-of-the-mill cold, the extra shock absorption and cushion can allow the rider to relax their hold on the grip , even if just a little, to reduce he pressure on the hands, wrists and forearms. Commuters, trail riders, and those who spend long hours and days on a mountain bike can all appreciate the value of the Extra Chunky Grips. So how could the Chunky be improved? For some riders, a little extra grip traction was desired, and the slim recessed channels in the grip create a ribbed effect, which offers a different texture and tactile feel for even more control. Enter the Ribbed Extra Chunky Grip.

It may seem strange now, but when ESI started offering 100% silicone grips to pro mountain bike racers in 1999, they were the first company to do so. By 2006 the "secret" was out and trail riders of all disciplines were hitting us up for ESI. Now silicone seems like half the market for road and mountain tape/grip material. Why? The material is lightweight, incredibly durable to daily use, offers excellent grip wet or dry, with gloves or without, and offers great bar and cockpit feel for top notch control. It also does not have latex or traditional rubber. On top of that the price is great, especially considering the durability and the product is perfectly consistent every time you buy a new pair.

The silicone grips are easy to install (with rubbing alcohol as the "lubricant") and hold very well without twisting even in the harshest technical riding conditions. The grips are made from 100% silicone that conforms to the hands and offers excellent comfort while ensuring control. The base properties of ESI's grips can reduce problems like numbness and hand pain. The silicone material is resistant to tears, extreme heat and cold, and non-porous so it never gets waterlogged or compromises feel or grip. Wrap your hands around the Ribbed Extra Chunky's and embrace comfort with less stress on the hands and arms.

Just keep a few things in mind. First, your cockpit controls will feel a little closer to the bar. Many shift and brake levers are adjustable, so you aren't stuck- just try the set-up before going out on a ride. Second, the larger the diameter of the grip and greater cushion offered may result in a slightly less connected feel to the trail or road. Give it a few rides and you will adapt quickly. Last, if you have small hands/fingers you may be surprised how large the grip feels at first. Again, make sure you are comfortable before heading out, and give the grips several good rides to begin to conform to your hand placement and pressure points.

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  • 100% silicone MTB grips from the original silicone bar grip maker
  • Longitudinal recessed channels deliver a ribbed effect that more grip traction
  • Thick 34mm diameter grip that offers considerable comfort and shock absorption while favoring medium to long fingers/hands
  • Great wet or dry grip means great connected feeling and sure control
  • The silicone will subtly conform to your hand shape and placement with time
  • Silicone is resistant to UV damage, won't fade, dry out, or harden, and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, other cleaners, even acetone
  • ESI recommends rubbing alcohol as lubricant for installation- see video on ESI's site for further instruction- No need for adhesive of any kind!
  • Grip length: 5⅛" (128mm)
  • Diameter (installed on bar): 34mm
  • Includes: 1 pair of Ribbed Extra Chunky grips, 1 pair of ESI endcaps
  • Color: Black (more like a charcoal gray)
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Made in USA
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