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Travel & Storage Bike Travel Cases

Fresh update sees this benchmark EVOC case making more internal room and extending the wheelbase to 1260mm. The award-winning case was tested lab and field extensively. it allows you to pack and store most types of bikes securely within minutes and be ready for travel. All you need to remove are the handlebar, pedals and wheels. It also collapses when not in use, and weighs right around 20lbs. This makes the EVOC Bike Travel Bag a great mobile alternative to any hardshell bike box and offers excellent protection for the bike frame, wheels and other components. Many feel it is the perfect transport case, whether for bike shipping, flying with a plane, going on other cycling trips. Ideally for road, road disc and tri bikes, you should use a 1260mm wheelbase EVOC Bike Stand for optimal set-up and security, as well as the Road Bike Adapter for your fork.

From a quick visual you can see that the Bike Travel Bag has wheel storage on both sides, accessible from the outside, with disc brake rotor/hub end protection. EVOC uses two removable lengths of PVC pipe per side in the wheel zones to offer structure, support and protection. Flat fiberglass rods offer a similar effect at both ends of the case, delivering the upright shape. These rods slide own inside sleeves directly sewn into structure. These two pipe/rod systems are very effective, easily achieved, and part of what allows the case to be folded down onto the base when not in use. Manipulating the rods into position can be awkward the first time because the bag has been folded in storage, but once you use it, this gets much easier to manage.

The padding structures, pockets, straps and other small features are well thought out and executed. We particularly like the exterior handles and rear oversized wheels. You simply role case, pulling with the alloy handle, resting it down when you need to. All of the strap handles are heavily stitched for long term durability. The combination of PVC coating used around the base and durable, padded, stiffened structure protect your precious ride, yet all allow the case to collapsible. EVOC loves details as the sliding owner information tag holder, sturdy lockable zipper pulls, replaceable wheels, and plethora of handles demonstrate.

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  • 285L bike travel soft case with great features, size, safety, mobility
  • Stable wide rigid undercarriage with 2 replaceable rear skate wheels
  • Fits: Tri, Road, XC, DH, FR, Enduro bikes, 29", up to 1260mm wheelbase
  • Ideal for mountain bikes, only Disc Fork Protector required
  • Molded polycarbonate bike block for protection
  • Two exterior wheel pockets (up to 29" w/ deflated tires) with disc brake rotor/hub protection
  • Structured system with removable rods allows for collapsible structure
  • For tri / road quick release hub bikes, the fork protector (720621-01); aluminum stand (720620-01) or bike stand (721084-01) are required
  • Frame/BB pad included, three compartments for smaller parts
  • Dimensions: 138 x 39 x 85 cm
  • Inside dimensions: 130 cm x 80 cm x 27 cm
  • N600/D PU Coated / Evoc Tarpaulin- P1000D double-sided TPU coated
  • Easily pulled with handle and rear wheels, on removable skate wheel
  • Zippers, pulls, luggage tag, handles show focus on the details
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 20.06 lbs
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