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Travel & Storage Bike Travel Cases

If you are a serious road cyclist or triathlete you likely have thousands of dollars, if not ten thousand plus invested in your competition bike and wheels. Then consider how much time and money in race prep, fees, and travel costs you layout for a major event. It all adds up. Traveling with your bike is a challenge and another major expense. Packing it down into the smallest case possible can not only take serious time, effort and tools on both ends. That can also impact the bike fit you no doubt paid good money for. Many cases that save you $50 in airline fees create such issues, and make it harder to keep your bike safe and secure. EVOC has made some excellent travel cases that seek to limit the challenges, are manageable to store, and easy to use. With the once again updated, advanced hybrid Road Bike Bag Pro, EVOC sets a new standard for protection in a collapsible case and an absolute minimum of bike breakdown. This is one of the finest cases available to date, and is matched in protection by only a few hard cases- and those don't collapse for easy storage. EVOC has applied all their case design and construction experience, along with detailed knowledge of what cyclists and triathletes require and deal with when they travel. Is the EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro inexpensive? No. Does it deliver serious value and savings in time, energy and stress if you travel with your bike? Yes.

This hybrid case utilizes a top hard shell made from pressure-resistant polycarbonate. The shape and structure deliver lightweight protection that covers the top of the bike, including intact, installed handlebar and stem set-ups. The upper is attached to abrasion-resistant P600D PU sides that also resist puncture. As with other EVOC cases, removable hard plastic rods that slide into specifically located sleeves provide the vertical assembly, and which of course when removed allow the sides to collapse. The base of the Road Bike Bag Pro is a full length, stable, extra wide undercarriage with monocoque wheel chassis. This hard base not only supports the external rolling system and protects the frame from below, but then internally becomes the support for EVOC's Bike Stand component. The Bike Stand allows for adjustment of the front and rear axle supports, which keep the frame lifted above the base. There are configurable axle interfaces for road QR and thru-axle frame designs. The Bike Stand system allows you mount the bike sans wheels on the stand, outside of the case, then lift and place into the case to be secured. This feature alone makes dealing with your bike easy and simple. All you have to do is remove your wheels and pedals. Straps, small item storage and extra protection integrate with the case structure. Two wheel bags are provided, and will fit inside the case alongside the rest of you bike, thus enjoying the overall structural protection of the assembled case.

Every detail of the Road Bike Bag Pro has been well thought out and effectively executed. Handles and straps are attached with heavy use in mind, and are perfectly located for various moving and pulling options. The skate type wheels can be removed and replaced. Two wheels mount in the base at the rear. An optional front wheel is easy to take on and off, and allows you to pull the case behind you, rolling on the floor or ground. When you need more control you can pull the case on angle, using just the rear wheels. The main compartment zippers are strong and durable, with large pulls. The pulls can be brought together at the top center to engage with an integrated TSA-approved lock. If you need to verify whether or not your bike will fit, start with the wheelbase, as the case has a max wheelbase adjustment of 1060mm, which most road and Tri/TT bikes meet without difficulty. If you are considering this travel case for a gravel-style bike you really need to check this, as many gravel bikes will exceed that. The name of the case is the "Road Bike Bag Pro" after all. If you desire and need a bike travel case that not only protects your steed during the rigors of travel but actually makes the whole experience better, more manageable, and less stressful, EVOC has made one for you.

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  • Revolutionary hybrid construction road, TT, Tri bike travel bag
  • High-End solution for safe, simple, safe, and convenient bike transportation
  • Extra-light and ultra safe hybrid construction offers protection and is collapsible
  • Collapsible to 142 x 38 x 32 cm for reasonably compact, low profile storage
  • Lid made of pressure-resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Lid attached to abrasion-resistant P600D PU sides, which are reinforced by removable hard plastic rods, keeping all external pressure off the bike
  • Unlike previous EVOC cases the wheel bags are stored inside case with bike
  • Aluminum slide rails on bottom from end-to-end for bike fit
  • Stable, extra wide undercarriage with monocoque wheel chassis
  • Smooth, silent rolling, replaceable skate wheels; clip-on front wheel for easy rolling
  • Multiple handles for two or three wheel rolling; safe, manageable handling
  • Excellent construction and material details; knowledge of bike case use and needs
  • Maintains your bike fit: only wheels and pedals required to be removed
  • Frame integrated TSA-approved lock for zipper pulls
  • Includes a road bike stand with axle mounts, wheel bags
  • Fits most: Road and Tri / TT bikes
  • Maximum wheelbase: 106cm
  • Full dimensions: 147 x 36 x 85 cm
  • Volume: 310L, 25lb (including Clip-On Wheel & Bike Stand)
  • Color: Black
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