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The fixed-design three-way tool is a staple of bike tool users at all levels. From nut-drivers to hex key, ball driver, and now Torx key styles, the 3-way concept offers efficiency, reduces overall tools, saves mechanics time, and deliver ideal torque for most applications. With those general aspects in mind, Feedback Sports has developed a tool line informed by and tested with their Pro cycling team partners. The results are tools that often feature dual-purpose designs that save space and make tool use more streamlined for pro mechanics and any tech who travels with tools. The flip side is that the durability and practicality makes them perfect for shop and home mechanics as well. There was no way Feedback was going to move away from fixed 3-way tools. They just make too much sense and perfectly fit the ethos Feedback was going for. There are three options: 2, 2.5, 3 mm hex key, 4, 5, 6mm hex key, and T25, T27, T30 Torx key.

All three tool units feature steel keys made from S2 tool steel. Tool aficionados will recognize S2 steel by it's overall strength and hardness, as it never fails and holds precision tool edges over many years of use. These tools have been finished for durability and corrosion resistance. Feedback has gone with slightly longer tool extensions to allow for deeper reach and insertion, making the 3-ways more usable. Just keep in mind, especially with the smaller tool sizes, these are not for high torque applications. To be sure, smaller hex head bolts shouldn't require too much torque going in or coming out, but if you feel much resistance, get the appropriate L-hex key to prevent tool and bolt from damage.

Besides the tool interfaces themselves, the core of any 3-way is the handle system. The tools are bonded into a hard-molded polymer core (red) that secures them permanently. Softer rubber grip material (black) is applied around the core for hand comfort and to reduce the chance of loss if grip during use, even when greasy or wet. Each tool is marked at the handle, with a red polymer offset against black for quick and easy identification. The end result is a series of 3-way tools that have precise interfaces, excellent utility, and allow to move from size to size with ease. While everybody has a preference for specific 3-way tools, these are growing on us. Feedback Sports has delivered a well conceived tool line-up that innovates at times, and hews closely to current popular and effective designs otherwise. In designing a series of 3-way tools for mechanics at all levels of experience, the Colorado-based company you trust for premium portable workstands delivers models that any mechanic can appreciate.

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  • Pro quality fixed 3-way tools with comfort grip and high quality tool steel
  • Hex and Torx key options available
  • Made with S2 tool steel, noted for its strength and hardness, ability to hold tool edges
  • Rubber grip sits on polymer core for firm, yet comfortable grip surface
  • At each tool/core junction the tool size is embossed in polymer core for easy ID
  • Versatile three tools in one system that save time, space, and transition effort
  • Options:
    • 2, 2.5, 3 mm hex key 3-Way
    • 4, 5, 6mm hex key 3-Way
    • T25, T27, T30 Torx key 3-Way
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from Feedback Sports
  • Color: Black/Red
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