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The Mini Diagonal Cutters are an essential addition to both professional-grade portable kits and DIY home workshops. Featuring a compact size, hardened steel cutting jaws, and comfortable textured rubber grips, these cutters ensure fatigue-free operation during repair projects. Their flush cutting working edges make them ideal for trimming cable ties, soft solid-strand wire like safety wire, and crimping braided control wire end caps, providing versatile utility for various tasks.

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  • Compact 5-inch (127 mm) length – lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
  • Snub-nosed cutting wedge has a flush-cut outer chamfer for close cuts against precision surfaces.
  • File tread textured grips with firm but comfortable rubber surface for hours of fatigue-free use.
  • Spring-loaded jaws for reliable opening (retraction).
  • 0.5in (12.5 mm) cutting surface length
  • Durable, 60 HRC cutting edge hardness for a long service life
  • Use for cutting single-strand wires, zip ties, and crimping end caps.
  • 0.059in (1.5mm) wire capacity for cutting.
  • Chamfered inner cutting edges with flush-cut outer edges.
  • Ideal hand tool to complete professional grade portable kits and DIY home workshops alike.
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