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There was a time when competition for the home/portable work stand market was fierce. There are still many players, but no other company has been able to deliver the pure functionality and high quality of Feedback Sports. The Sport Mechanic Work Stand is a terrific example because it exemplifies the discriminating use of materials, design, and engineering that personifies Feedback Sports. The collapsible tripod design allows for exceptional stability on a variety of surfaces, while still folding up for compact storage or transport. The height is easily adjustable via simple one-hand clamping knob, even under load, and the head unit rotates 360 degrees independent of any other action. These are the universal features of the Feedback Sports stand system. Pro tech's and beginners alike enjoy these stands. Once you own a work stand, you won't ever want to change a tire, replace a chain, or clean your bike without one again.

The Sport Mechanic stand can support bikes up to 65lbs, perfect for any bike through an old-school DH rig or your friendly neighbor's dual suspension big-box store bike (though barely!). The spinner-style knob has quick and free action, yet won't open so fast that you risk dropping the bike. The clamp itself features rubber coated jaws that prevent slippage and won't damage your frame or seatpost. When tightening, you can apply the exact force necessary to clamp the surface, without over tightening. The jaws have a range of .75 of an inch to 1.9 inches which offers great flexibility. The tripod legs extend out to a 54 inch distance, which means you can have excellent stability, even on uneven surfaces. The clamping height of the stand is adjustable from 42-65 inches from the ground, yet folds-up to an easily storable size of 6.6x5.0x44.1 inches. At just 12.6lbs, you can easily transport a folded stand to any event, trailhead or weekend ride-away.

Structurally the stand is exceptionally sound, with steel, and anodized extruded aluminum for stiffness and longevity. Rubber feet protect the tripod base, and any work surface, even your hardwood floors (tip- always wipe off the feet before bringing indoors). The Sport-Mechanic Work Stand is a great product and a terrific value. Don't buy a work stand for $100. It won't be worth it. Hold off on the designer coffee drinks for a few weeks and buy a great work stand that will hold up for decades. Intend to travel with it, or know it will get banged around when not in use? Keep your investment in this black beauty safe and secure. Consider buying the padded bag that Feedback Sports offers. For $200 total, you will be set for years to come, and never want for a fully capable work stand again.

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  • Foldable tripod style work stand ideal for home, travel and sport mechanics
  • Made with anodized black aluminum and powder coated black steel
  • Reliable spinner-knob clamp, easily adjustable, securely holds the bike in position
  • Rubber coated jaws prevent slippage and damage to frame or seatpost
  • Clutch arm that allows for 360 degree rotation without clamp adjustment
  • Base diameter of tripod at max extension: 54 inches
  • Load capacity: 65lbs
  • Clamp range: .75 to 1.9 inches
  • Clamp height from ground at full tripod extension: 42-65 inches
  • Folded size 6.6 x 5.0 x 44.1 inches
  • Weight: 12.6lbs

    Please note: Padded storage/transport bag sold separately.

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