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Keeping your tools close at hand is crucial for efficient work. This is much more important when you are on location and a work bench isn't close by. Feedback Sports offers the Tool Tray for just that reason. Not only can you have your tools at the ready, the Tool Tray also encourages you to organize them, with dedicated slots and compartments for the most commonly used tools, including Allen wrench slots for 2mm-8mm. Screwdrivers, cutters and other small tools all have space as well. Don't make the mistake of putting your coffee cup into the large open tray- that is actually a mini parts wash bin with a plug for easy drainage. Wipe off and hang your shop rag on the hook, then use the cup holder instead!

We enjoy well thought out items, and the fact that Tool Tray is made of a super durable heavy-duty resin that won't absorb grease and cleans up easily is a great bonus. The tray is deep enough to hold items, but not so deep you have to peer over it to find them. It will mount directly to any Feedback Sports (or Ultimate) work stand, and you can use the supplied shims to use the tray with Park PRS-1 and PRS-4 stands. Select the best height for you, mount it up and you are ready to wrench.

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  • Well, designed and executed tool tray for direct mount to a work stand
  • Slots and compartments make organizing and retrieving tools a snap
  • Heavy duty resin construction is impervious to grease and cleans up easily
  • Perfect depth to safely hold tools and accessories
  • Mini parts wash basin has removable drain plug
  • Simple installation collar mounts directly on Feedback Sports/ Ultimate stands
  • Supplied shims will adapt the Tool Tray to Park PRS-1 and PRS-4 stands
  • Size: 14.5x10x2.75 inches
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