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Finish Line Gear Floss is Perfect for cleaning your rear cassette, front chain rings, derailleur pulley wheels, hubs and spindles, brake arms, bottom bracket/crank interface, and more. Gear floss cleans faster and better than brushes and rags making it a must have for the updated repair shop. Just slide it into hard to clean areas and floss!

Gear Floss is made of microfiber and microfibers work by attracting, removing and holding grime. Rags and brushes just move the dirt around. Microfiber captures dirt, grease and particles inside its star-shaped grooves. Dirt and grime is then held deep inside the core of the fiber. Microfiber rope is highly tear-resistant and it is washable. Each package contains 20 microfiber ropes 20 inches long. Return to Top

  • Cleans cassettes, cranks, chainrings, pulleys etc
  • Contains 20 microfiber ropes
  • Each rope is 20" (510mm) long
  • captures and removes grease and grime
  • Washable
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