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Durable, with great cushion and comfort, covered with Fizik's Classic finish layer, the Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Classic 3mm Bar Tape is perhaps the perfect blend of the classic and more recent trends in handlebar tape. The Tempo line of tape is considered Fizik's most durable option, and developed for versatile usage, and excellent overall performance. The Microtex outer layer and Classic smooth surface, perforated firm finish are well known to Fizik fans, but Bondcush may require some explanation. This does not refer to the special seat foam Aston Martin specs for Daniel Craig.

Bondcush is the term for Fizik's layered mid-padding polymer foam that aids the absorption of road vibration and defeats impact. Bonded to a Microtex outer layer this material blend is Fizik's chunkiest option and it combines comfort, versatility and durability, ideal to tackle all kind of roads. If you love more cushioned bar tape, but don't like the super grippy surface many offer today, the Tempo Microtex Bondcush Classic 3mm Bar Tape may well be the best bar tape for you.

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  • Premium, durable performance cushioned bar tape, classic finish
  • 3mm multi-layer Microtex/Bondcush foam construction
  • Classic outer finish with perforations feels like synthetic leather
  • Smooth feel for ease of hand movements, good feel wet or dry
  • Light stretch for clean overlay when wrapping- don't over stretch
  • Includes: 2 rolls of tape, 2 end caps, 2 Fizik finishing tapes
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Honey, Celeste
  • Weight: 114g
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