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Gravel, cyclocross, adventure, and endurance riding often mix pavement with rough roads, overall conditions, or even singletrack type trails. Most riders taking on such terrain on a road bike with a drop handlebar place a premium on three handlebar tape characteristics: great cushion, superior grip, and utter reliability. Enter Fizik Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky 3mm Bar Tape. The Terra designation is somewhat self explanatory, and the other terms tell you about the build of the tape itself. Microtex is Fizik's long time primary outer layer. It is durable, flexible and strong and can take on different surface textures and materials without compromise. Tacky is well, tacky, and refers to the surface layer, in this case a substantial sticky nonslip surface for ultimate grip in every weather condition. The comfort comes from Bondcush, a foam and Microtex layered construction combines comfort, versatility and durability, ideal to tackle all kind of roads because soaks up constant vibration and mitigates impacts.

While many bar tapes are now available in thicknesses well over 3mm, for many road cyclists who ride on rough surfaces, bar control is still an essential requirement. The fatter the bar and tape gets, those with medium to small hands can really struggle, especially with padded gloves on. If you can get effective cushioning without sacrificing cockpit control, isn't that a good thing? After all, odds are you are running larger volume tires in lower pressure ranges- do you really need the fattest tape on the market unless you have very large hands? Bike control is crucial on rough, irregular terrain. We feel the 124 gram Terra Microtex Bondcush Tacky 3mm Bar Tape is offering a great balance all around, without compromise.

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  • Premium, durable performance cushioned bar tape, strong Tacky finish
  • 3mm multi-layer Microtex/Bondcush foam construction
  • Durable Tacky finish offers incredible grip in any weather conditions
  • Impressively light for such great cushion, feel and control
  • Light stretch for clean overlay when wrapping- don't over stretch
  • Subtle, printed Fizik logo adds subtle graphic contrast at finish
  • Includes: 2 rolls of tape, 2 end caps, 2 Fizik finishing tapes
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Dark Blue, Green/Blu, Brown
  • Weight: 114g
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