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Prefer a thinner handlebar tape with some grip and a great feel? Fizik's updated bar tape line-up hasn't left you behind. The Vento Microtex Tacky 2mm Bar Tape is considered race ready (Vento), built on the thinnest multi-layer construction (Microtex), finished with a synthetic outer layer with a moderately grippy surface (Tacky) that is not sticky, but allows for sure feel in wet or dry with minimalist gloves. This is a bar tape built for premium bike handling and a more tactile cockpit response like that required for serious racing or for those with smaller hands and fingers that need grip but not thickness.

The tape is 2mm thick in the center, has just the right amount of stretch for a clean wrap, can be cleaned, and is reasonably durable for a thinner tape. The surface is essentially a recessed, rib-like design that sheds water and perspiration. Fizik isn't disclosing the exact material but it feels natural and compliant in with just a hint of cushion to take edge off. If all that speaks to your preferences, you have found your new favorite handlebar tape.

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  • Race-grade bar tape with minimal cushion and volume, and good grip
  • 2mm multi-layer Microtex construction
  • Tacky outer layer provides great feel and control with thin gloves
  • Perfect moderate stretch for clean overlay when wrapping
  • Includes: 2 rolls of tape, 2 end caps, 2 Fizik finishing tapes
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Celeste
  • Fluo colors: Orange Fluo, Pink Fluo, Yellow Fluo, Lilla Fluo (purple)
  • Weight: 92g
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