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We have our expectations for perfect handlebar tape. Some us prefer a minimal tape, perhaps with minimal or maximal padding. Others require more cushion, vibration damping, or just prefer a thicker wrap. For those who find themselves in the middle, desiring some comfort and cushion, but still wanting some decent bar feel and good all-around grip, Fizik brings you their Vento Solocush Tacky 2.7mm Bar Tape. The Vento designation indicates that Fizik considers this a race-level bar tape. Solocush is their single foam layer with a minimal basecover, that finishes out at 2.7mm in the center. The outer layer is Fizik's new Tacky material. Despite the added volume and comfort, this tape wraps cleanly and evenly, and never feels overly bulky.

The Tacky finish layer provides a durable, cleanable and resilient grip finish that works as well wet as it does dry. The surface is essentially a multi-texture, recessed, rib-like design that sheds water and perspiration. Fizik isn't disclosing the exact material but it feels natural and compliant, with a nice feel that isn't too restrictive when you need to slide your hands or change positions. The Vento Solocush Tacky 2.7mm Bar Tape may be the best choice for cross or gravel riders who want comfort and feel, yet still prefer a thinner feeling tape, or for those with smaller hands who need protection without too much bulk.

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  • Race-grade bar tape with moderate cushion,volume, and good grip
  • 2.7mm lightweight Solocush (single foam layer) construction
  • Tacky outer layer provides great feel and control wet or dry
  • Perfect moderate stretch for clean overlay when wrapping
  • Includes: 2 rolls of tape, 2 end caps, 2 Fizik finishing tapes
  • Colors: Black, White, Green, Red, Blue (dark navy), Celeste, Pink, Yellow
  • Fluo colors: Orange Fluo, Pink Fluo, Yellow Fluo, Lilla Fluo (purple)
  • Weight: 76g
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