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Ride off pavement? Prefer not to have your Garmin Edge propped out in front of the stem, exposed, lonely, afraid? Okay, maybe not lonely. Sure you have long had the option of the strap mounted stem mount if you have a longer stem, but some prefer a handlebar mount that allows the user to mount over the stem, or simply don't have a long enough stem to hold the strap-style mount. Enter Garmin's Edge Mountain Bike Handlebar Mount.

Garmin opts for a replaceable insert for the quarter-turn mount, which delivers durability and holds the unit in place securely. You can also use backing screws for moving the mount insert's orientation. The mount can be set-up to the right of the stem to bring your Edge over the stem, or if you have a shorter unit, you may be able to mount it left and put the unit out front. Obviously this mount was intended for mountain bikes with short stems. Enduro and marathon racers often mount a Garmin strap to their top tube to keep their head unit away from potential damage, but that makes it almost impossible to see while riding. Mounting above the stem, as low as is possible to the stem, may not offer as much protection as locating the unit more central to the bike, but you can still actually interact with it. Risk and reward.

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  • Handlebar mount that moves head unit back over the stem
  • Designed with mountain bike use when running shorter stems
  • Composite body with hinged clamp and single bolt fastener
  • 1/4 turn mount insert is more durable and secure, replaceable
  • Arm is hinged so you can set and secure the best angle
  • Works with Edge: 1000, 1030, 20, 25, 500, 520, 810, 820, Touring, Touring Plus
  • Includes two Hex keys for fastening
  • Compatible with 35.0mm, 31.8mm, 25.8mm bars with shim system
  • Color: Black
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