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Garmin's Rally XC100/XC200 power meter pedals come with Garmin's Rally XC SPD Cleats. These steel cleats are incredibly durable, but depending on how much you walk on rough surfaces with them, and/or long hours of use, they may wear at different rates. If you feel you are releasing accidentally or too easily, and you want to replace them with the same exact cleat, here they are. Worn, sloppy cleats could impact power meter accuracy.

Of course, the SPD standard was developed by Shimano, and Shimano's SPD cleats are fully compatible with the XC pedals. The Rally XC cleat is the equivalent design of Shimano's SH51 Single Release cleat, which also requires twisting to disengage. Shimano also offers the SH55 Multi Release cleat, which twists out and can also release with a vertical movement. The SH55 is most commonly used by beginners or those who may have a physical limitation or injury and would otherwise be rarely chosen as the proper option for measuring power barring the injury scenario.

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  • Garmin's version of SPD steel cleats for their Rally XC100/XC200 series pedals
  • Single release design, which requires a firm twist of the foot to disengage from the pedal
  • Shimano's SPD cleats are also fully compatible, SH51 recommended
  • One pair of Rally XC SPD cleats, with mounting hardware
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