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Many time trialists and triathlon athletes have been asking Garmin to offer a sturdy aero bar extension mount that can handle the larger Edge models as well as being to double with other quarter-turn compatible accessories, including the Garmin Charge Power Pack. The design features the lever lock for when using both upper and lower interfaces. The hinged 22mm clamp interface can be easily and quickly installed or removed and is stout enough to handle most combo set-ups. The material is the strong composite the company has been using on newer mounts, with reinforce hardware. Garmin does warn you not use the Edge 1030/1030+ with the Varia UT-800, but that is the only restriction listed. Return to Top


  • Garmin TT/Tri Aerobar mount with quarter-turn upper/lower combo capability
  • Fits all Edge units
  • Many Garmin options use the quarter-turn mount, but other options may use a transitional mount, such as a 1/4 turn to GoPro adapter
  • Color: Black
  • Can not be used for Edge 1030/1030+ head units with the Varia UT-800 Smart Headlight
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