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Fans and daily users of Garmin's Varia radar units have appreciated a measure of personal safety and comfort while out riding on the roads. Being able to focus on what is in front of you while the Varia "looks" backward is certainly an advantage. For some time many of these cyclists have requested an integrated video camera that would be capable of logging incidents, which would provide some proof of the issues cyclists regularly experience, as well as the more extreme situations that can occur resulting in damage, injury or worse. With the release of the Varia RCT715 Rearview Radar with Camera cyclists can have it all- radar, camera and light integrated into one unit. We all want to ride with peace of mind and know we've got video evidence if we ever need it. Now you have the only rearview radar with camera and tail light that continuously records your ride. This is both an exciting and sober moment, as most cyclists would prefer never to require such a device, but will be extremely grateful to have it if needed.

The Varia™ RCT715 rearview radar with camera and tail light continuously records your ride and automatically saves footage before, during and after events if it detects an incident. The bright tail light makes you more visible to motorists. And Varia RCT715 integrates seamlessly with your Garmin bike computer or the Varia™ mobile app on your paired smartphone to alert you to traffic as you ride. The app lets you easily access your footage, transfer videos or customize camera settings such as data overlays. The built-in camera records continuously and saves footage in the Varia app if it detects an incident. The Varia™ app must be downloaded to your compatible smartphone and actively paired to the RCT715 to use this feature. A selection of operation modes lets you flex camera and tail light features to maximize battery life for longer rides.

Notice:Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of the camera function of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use the camera function of this device.

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  • Rear facing, seatpost mounted integrated light, radar and video camera that offers legitimate peace of mind and potential evidence of an incident
  • See and record what’s behind you with a built-in camera that saves footage automatically if it detects an incident
  • Capture sharp, clear video in 1080p at 30 fps, or set resolution at 720p to extend battery life for longer rides
  • Camera features 140° Field of View (FOV) lens, hence viewing angle is 220°
  • Camera control of Garmin Edge and select wearables
  • Varia™ App provides convenient radar display, camera control and video transfer
  • Onboard accelerometer to automatically lock footage on incident detection
  • Automatically detects incidents and saves footage before, during and after events if it detects an incident
  • Rearview radar detects vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away and integrates with your Edge bike computer, select Garmin wearables or the Varia App on your paired compatible smartphone to provide alerts
  • Multiple pairing options allowed, for example Edge GPS computer along with phone
  • Integrates with your favorite apps, such as Ride with GPS and more, to overlay your maps with rearview radar alerts
  • Communications:
    • ANT+ for radar, bike lights
    • BLE for radar, camera control
    • Wi-Fi via local network only)
  • Side button / control zone with LED indicators
  • Choose from three modes to maximize battery life: always-on, lights and radar only or radar-activated mode, which turns on the camera when an approaching car is detected
  • Light alerts motorists with daylight visibility up to 1 mile
  • Lighting modes / run times / light output:
    • Day flash / up to 6 hours / 65 Lumens
    • Peloton / up to 5 hours / 8 Lumens
    • Solid / up to 4 hours / 20 Lumens
    • Night flash / up to 4 hours (w/ 1080p video) / 29 Lumens
  • Ready to use right out of the box with included 16 GB Micro SD card (will allow for 3-5 hours of continual recording) that can output direct to app, or be removed from holder and used directly in a reader for computer upload
  • Protected Micro SD card holder can take up a card up to 512GB, but app limits upload to 128 GB at launch
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery: 3.8V, 10.64 Wh, 2800 mAh
  • USB-C Charging interface; USB-A to USB-C cable included; can be used to upload into a computer
  • Battery life up to 4 hours with radar and tail light on solid high or night flash, up to 5 hours on solid low and 6 hours on day flash- all with camera recording at 1080p
  • Unit rated waterproofed to IPX7 standard with USB-C cover open
  • Newly designed locking Varia seatpost mount system; fits various diameters and shapes with supplied options; also available as a kit, sold separately to outfit other bikes
  • Compatible with round seat posts from 25.4mm to 35.0mm in diameter; aero and D-shaped seat post compatibility varies by bike model
  • Includes: Varia RCT715, seat post mount kit, USB cable, 16 GB Micro SD card, documentation
  • Dimensions: 42mm W x 106.5 H x 31.9mm D
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 147 grams (RCT715 only, not including the mount)
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