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The FR-C Pro Bib Short represents the pinnacle of comfort and craftsmanship, meticulously designed to mirror the body’s natural riding position. Crafted with a 220-gram, 50-thread count fabric, this bib short offers soft and supportive compression, eliminating excess material and creases throughout your full range of motion. The HC50™ High Compression Power Lycra used in these shorts combines the material properties of a compressive power Lycra with a soft and supple feel, providing unmatched comfort that inspires extended time on the bike.

Equally impressive features of the FR-C Pro Bib Short include the 190 E woven elastic leg cuffs, which secure the bibs in place without squeezing or restricting movement, and the anti-abrasion seat panel fabric for added durability. The Ametista Carbon waist panel and the stretchable, breathable, and stabilizing bib uppers enhance comfort and fit. Additionally, the bibs are finished with two reflective tabs for increased visibility, ensuring safety during rides.

Completing the premium design, the FR-C Pro Bib Short includes Giordana’s top-of-the-line Cirro S chamois with Aloe Vera infusion and the Copa Mondiale sculpted fit. The Cirro S chamois features a four-layer construction for superior comfort, moisture management, and support during long rides. Made in Italy, the combination of lightweight and breathable FR-C fabrics with Body Clone technology creates the perfect fit, making these bibs an essential for every cycling enthusiast.

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  • Designed on a curve to mirror the body’s natural riding position
  • 220-gram, 50-thread count fabric with soft and supportive compression
  • HC50™ High Compression Power Lycra combines compression and comfort
  • 190 E woven elastic leg cuffs secure bibs without restricting movement
  • Cirro S chamois with Aloe Vera infusion and four-layer construction
  • Reflective tabs for increased visibility and safety
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