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The Spherical Technology™ - Mips® revolution from Giro rolls on with the impressive Aries™ Spherical- a road performance model developed and engineered to be the company's most advanced premium helmet. Its smaller form and lighter weight (only 275 grams in size medium, CPSC certification), delivers sensational comfort and cooling power. From a raw construction concept, Spherical Technology, which is the ball-and-socket design powered by Mips, adds protection by redirecting energy away from the brain in certain directional impacts. Progressive Layering shell construction with dual densities of Nanobead EPS foam adds more comprehensive energy dissipation management. This system is maximized by the AURA Reinforcement Arch, a translucent shatter proof system that ensures proper strength and helps tghe upper shell stay together in an impact, despite the wonderfully effective 24 Wind Tunnel vents and deeply formed internal channel ventilation system. The design and technology at play here are a fully integrated system that ensures some of the best protection available, with exceptional comfort.

Inside, you'll find the plush Ionic+ anti-microbial padding, which employs pure silver to prevent odor and keeps the helmet fresh. Studying the inner surface of the shell, a network of intricately engineered deep internal channeling elevates ventilating comfort. Air circulates quietly and effectively, keeping you cooler and drier, then exhausts out the rear of the shell system. Cyclists love the proven reliability and adjustability of the RocLoc® 5+ Air fit system, with it's 3D single hand vertical and retention adjustment set-up, which is complemented by thin, soft feather-light straps and easily handled Slimline buckle. From the full lower hardbody coverage that enhances durability and on to the meticulous production quality, the Aries Spherical is the epitome of top-shelf performance, protection, and style.

For many interested in the Aries safety components, a better understanding of Spherical Mips will be instructive. The ball-and-socket design of Spherical Technology is powered by the Mips brain protection system, which allows the helmet's outer EPS foam liner to rotate around the inner foam liner during a crash to help redirect impact forces away from the brain. Progressive Layering of both the inner and outer liners help to offer more comprehensive protection as well. In addition to the battery of tests mandated for compliance to leading global standards, Giro built three separate test rigs specifically to evaluate the performance of Spherical helmets when subjected to rotational motion. Based on the results of their own testing as well as evidence from Mips and independent labs, the company believes that Giro helmets equipped with Spherical Technology may provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts, without adverse effects to other performance benefits. Helmets with Spherical Technology, powered by Mips, have been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion from angled impacts when implemented in a helmet. And every Spherical-equipped helmet model is thoroughly vetted through testing to global standards, as well as Mips’s standards, to ensure it performs properly.

From the advent of the Spherical Technology and Mips integrated protection system, Giro has forced the helmet industry to rethink protections designs, yet there is still no other design like it. The Aether led the way on the road, while the Manifest carried the technology to the trail. If there had been a flaw in the Aether model it has been engineered out with the smaller form factor and slimmer feel of the Aries Spherical. Giro now has "the" helmet cyclists will be asking for this season, and here at Excel Sports, we welcome the more compact design, advanced safety features, and wonderful ventilation the Aries delivers.

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  • Smaller form factor road performance helmet featuring incredible crash safety technology, fit, comfort, and ventilation
  • Spherical Technology™ combined with Mips® Brain Protection System offers impressive rotational impact protection
  • Progressive Layering with Nanobead EPS foam via dual-density liner designed to address high and low-speed impacts for more comprehensive energy management
  • AURA Reinforcement Arch increases structural integrity with a translucent, shatterproof arch system that runs throughout the helmet
  • Plush Ionic+ anti-microbial padding uses pure silver to provide permanent, natural odor protection to keep your helmet fresh
  • Full lower hardbody coverage; polycarbonate shell InMold tech with polycarbonate shell
  • Dual-density EPS Foam Liner features lighter, more compact Nanobead foam
  • 24 deep Wind Tunnel internal channeling vents with intricate cooling and exhaust system
  • RocLoc 5+ Air three-dimensional retention/fit system, complemented by feather light straps, Slimline buckle
  • Giro SuperFit™Sizing: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Ano Blue, Matte Carbon Red
  • Weight: 275 grams (Medium-CPSC)
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Head Circumference51-55 cm / 20"-21.75"55-59 cm / 21.75"-23.25"59-63 cm / 23.25"-24.75"
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