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The sleek, road-oriented Helios Spherical Helmet adds some subtle characteristics to Giro's Spherical-series helmets. The Helios features the impressive Giro-MIPS impact protection system, plus has lower protection and a greater rear wrap for impacts on mixed surfaces- like gravel, so yes the Helios is not just a road, but an all-road helmet. The heart of the Helios’ extraordinary design and performance is Spherical Technology, which utilizes a ball-and-socket design powered by MIPS®, the market-leading brain protection system that can help to reduce rotational forces. Spherical Technology allows the helmet’s outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash, and also allows Progressive Layering of the inner and outer liners to provide more comprehensive protection and performance. It’s the ideal match for your road and gravel adventures.

The Helios Spherical combines an airy, open design with a revolution in rotational energy management to advance head protection for cyclists. MIPS Spherical was designed in the Dome, Giro’s in-house test lab in Scotts Valley, working directly with MIPS engineers in Stockholm, Sweden to ensure zero compromises in MIPS protection. The key to the system is the elimination of the plastic slip plane of the original MIPS design, and integrated the new system into the EPS sandwich. Inside the shell a dual-density, dual layer EPS foam liner system featuring lightweight, compact Nanobead foam technology helps to manage a wide range of impact energies. Giro's proprietary MIPS Spherical is the ball and socket system which isolates the two layers at impact, allowing the inner layer to move independently from the outer layer. This reduces the original impact force on the skull that the shell and outer layer absorb. The free dual layer action reduces the shearing forces of an angular contact as well as the rebound effects- the two actions within the skull that are mostly likely to result in traumatic brain injury; and even limit more mild concussive effects in a less impactful event.

On a less worst-case-scenario-level, comfort and all functions of a road helmet are still Giro priorities. The 14 vents of the Helios bring serious air into the helmet structure, which features Giro's Wind Tunnel Internal Channeling system. The channels are designed to circulate the incoming air quickly and quietly over the surface of the skull, reducing heat and moisture build-up by carrying it away and exhausting it out the back. This complements the Ionic+™ anti-microbial padding, which is easy hand wash and holds up over time.

Comfort, ease of use, and unobtrusive are the watchwords of Giro's featherweight webbing with the Slimline Buckle, serving to keep the whole helmet on your head and properly secured during rides over any surface. The final touch is the minimalist feeling, but maximally effective RocLoc 5+ Air fit system, featuring three dimensional fit tuning, that allows easy adjustment in seconds for the ultimate in comfort thanks to it's one- hand rear dial that makes micro tension changes quick and simple as you ride.

While the Aether is the top of the line road race option and was the first to carry the Spherical MIPS design, it is also priced accordingly and not the best option for most all-road cyclists. the Helios Spherical is priced right, and more than ready for the arduous, long rides over varied terrain that many dedicated cyclists have come to embrace and endure.

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  • Road helmet with sleek style, superior protection, and designed with gravel and adventure use in mind
  • Spherical Technology™ with the MIPS® brain protection system allows the helmet’s outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash, reducing shearing and rebound forces of an impact
  • Progressive Layering- outer foam liner is denser, inner liner is less dense making it more capable of managing potential impact forces
  • Nanobead EPS foam, polycarbonate outer shell, full lower Hardbody coverage with lower wrap to protect during mixed terrain and rough surface impacts
  • Highly effective 15 Wind Tunnel™ vents and deep internal channeling cools, exhausts heat and moisture
  • Ionic+™ anti-microbial padding; soft flexible chin straps are easily adjustable
  • Roc Loc® 5 Air is light weight, offers vertical carriage set-up adjustment, and on-bike dial tension micro-adjustment with one hand
  • '
  • Front and rear reflective decals to aid low-light visibility
  • Giro SuperFit™ Sizing: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte Black Fade, Matte White/Silver, Matte Black/Red, Matte Blue Ano
  • Weight: 270 grams
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Head Circumference51-55 cm / 20"-21.75"55-59 cm / 21.75"-23.25"59-63 cm / 23.25"-24.75"
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