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The Giro Roc Loc 5 Air+ Fit System epitomizes the fusion of comfort and adjustability in helmet technology. Giro's commitment to rider safety and satisfaction is evident in this advanced fit system, which allows for easy customization to achieve the perfect helmet fit. This system features an enhanced design that provides both exceptional stability and weight distribution, minimizing pressure points for all-day comfort.

At the heart of the Roc Loc 5 Air+ is the intuitive micro-adjustable dial, offering precise control of tension and vertical positioning. With a simple twist, riders can fine-tune the fit to ensure their helmet is secure and comfortable, without creating any undue tightness. The addition of the Air+ feature brings improved ventilation. It achieves this by increasing airflow between the helmet and the head, reducing heat buildup on warm days or during intense efforts.

This fit system's lightweight construction ensures it adds negligible weight to the helmet, preserving the lightweight feel that is crucial for performance and endurance riding. Durable and reliable, the Giro Roc Loc 5 Air+ Fit System represents a superior choice for cyclists who value a tailor-made fit and optimal ventilation.

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  • Advanced fit system allows for easy customization and perfect helmet fit
  • Micro-adjustable dial for precise control of tension and vertical positioning
  • Air+ feature increases airflow, enhancing ventilation between helmet and head
  • Lightweight construction adds negligible weight to the helmet
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