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Giro, along with every other top-level cycling helmet company, has been driving their R&D department in search of the design and engineering for the Holy Grail of aero road helmets: a well ventilated, highly aerodynamic, lightweight, proper fitting design that also meets and exceeds safety requirements without being limited to time trials or short course events. While each year brings new developments and improvements, the Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet may be as close the Grail as we have seen thus far, but there is reason to believe it will remain at the apex of the market for a few years. This competition grade helmet is packed with tech, features and truly functional design elements and we'll do our best to do justice to them here.

The Vanquish MIPS offers a distinctive silhouette and design that both looks, and is different from front to rear. This is due to the different aerodynamic requirements of each section. Yes, this aero helmet has an open venting system. Yes, with the Zeiss® Vivid™ eye shield the helmet is vaguely stormtrooper-esque. And yet visually, and technically the design comes together- sleek, purposeful, and race ready. Giro developed the TransformAir™ system to meet, carry, and release oncoming air to max effect. The design allows air to pull over the top, from many different head approach angles, and utilize that air for a bit of aero push off the back end. The magnetic shield system contributes to this, as do the ventilation ports. Not only do you get the circulating internal cooling effect of the Giro Wind Tunnel system, but the inner surface of the shell releases air out with minimal drag effect.

You find standard Giro technologies in the Vanquish, but with a few twists. Yes, the In-Mold EPS process is used, but with a Progressive Layering system, which is mated to four-piece polycarbonate interlocking Hardbody shell. So the structure really is made of multiple components. The progressive EPS foam use reduces weight where not required for safety and enhances safety where more impact protection is needed The Zeiss Vivid™ magnetic shield seamlessly integrates with the helmet structure, further streamlining the frontal portion. The road conditions-tuned Vivid™ lens ensures colors are true to life from a lens development process that increases contrast and definition. The magnetic shiield can be removed, flipped and securely placed on the helmet above the eyeline for those times when you simply need it off, yet on board. In addition Giro has added grip surfaces to the two main side front air vents so if you are using standard cycling sunglasses instead of the shield you can remove and store those safely as well.

Most Giro fans are more than familiar with the lightweight but easily adjustable, comfortable RocLoc® Air retention system. Adjustable vertically in the helmet for best carriage fit, and for fit retention with a rear thumb dial, RocLoc Air feel natural, supportive and minimal on the skull. It is with the RocLoc Air that Giro has integrated their newest adaptation of the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). For the most part governing bodies for safety test for impact from a linear perspective and helmets are designed to withstand impact. MIPS is a layering system within the helmet, and in this case integrated with RocLoc Air, that allows the head to move and rotate slightly away from the impact forces, this reduces the shearing effect that impact has on the brain tissue within the skull. So the Vanquish MIPS offers the best level of protection available today, without a weight penalty or complicated design. As integrated with the retention system, the previous MIPS "layer" is reduced to simple points of attachment offering the same allowance for rotational force reduction.

The Vanquish MIPS weighs just 305 grams in a Medium without the Zeiss® shield. The shield adds 55 grams, but also improves aerodynamics significantly. Giro uses their soft, soft flexible Featherweight straps so you can achieve a close to the skin strap fit, and finishes the helmet with their removable, washable, soft antimicrobial padding system. In virtually every meaningful way, the Vanquish MIPS represents the best of Giro. From cutting edge design, construction and engineering processes to the adaptive use of proven technologies and components, this is a helmet that delivers an incredible user experience. Add in hundreds of hours of computer design and testing, along with a comparable amount of time with athletes in wind tunnels, on the track, and on the road, and you have a Giro helmet that seriously maximizes every available resource to offer you a competition ready helmet with zero compromises and tremendous safety. Whether you are chasing a pursuit title, looking to dominate the road racing season, or preparing to set personal bests in multiple events this season, the Giro Vanquish MIPS offers all you could ask for from a truly functional exceptional road helmet.


  • Aerodynamic road helmet with zero compromises between fit, feel, aerodynamics, safety, and overall performance
  • Obsessionally engineered and tested in all formats to be the best aero road helmet available today
  • Shape and structure optimized with TransformAir™ Technology for streamlined frontal aero transition to clean, propulsional laminar air flow off the back from a wide variety of head angles
  • Open air vents and exhaust work with aero flow, not against it, while providing cooling via Wind Tunnel circulation over the skull before exhausting out the rear
  • In-Mold Construction with EPS liner and Progressive Layering reduces weight but applying more protection where needed and reducing foam where not needed
  • Four-piece polycarbonate interlocking Hardbody shell Fit System delivers the distinct visual shape of the helmet with each piece offering specific function
  • Magnetic Vivid™ Road lens shield by Zeiss®, with Stealth shield dock
  • Vivid lens increases contrast and definition to deliver true to life color
  • Eyeglass grippers in main front side ports for days when you don't use shield
  • RocLoc® Air fit and retention system with Integrated MIPS® technology
  • Antimicrobial padding is lightweight, removable, washable
  • Featherweight webbing is soft and flexible, comfortable against the skin
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte Black/Gloss Black, Matte White/Silver
  • Weight: 305 grams without Zeiss® shield, 355g with shield (Medium)
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