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Nutrition > Hydration Drink Mix


GU is great for giving endurance athletes options, not only with products themselves, but with regards to flavors and packaging options. The 24 Serving size canister of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink is a carbohydrate intensive energy drink for ultra distance and intense efforts. It contains the critical carbs and electrolyte replenishment that ultra endurance athletes need to compete at high levels. And it comes in a super light tasting, easy to mix formula for fueling hour after hour after hour. The 12-serving canister of mix allows you to customize your mix concentration. Although Roctane goes down smoothly, yet it can be helpful to opt for half servings as you start with a new product to gauge your physical and gastrointestinal response.

The drink is calorically dense, since consuming enough calories during these types of events can be a challenge. Caffeine is included to increase mental acuity, increase performance, and decrease perceived effort - all of which tend to go south during prolonged efforts. Taurine is included to help combat heart and skeletal muscle fatigue. It has been shown to help increase the capacity for muscle contraction, which is especially important during long efforts where fatigue management is a big issue. The addition of beta-alanine and histidine help buffer acid caused by going over lactate threshold, and amino acids help prevent muscle damage and aid with muscle recovery by activating carnosine, which acts to buffer muscle damage.

Flavor differences impact specific ingredients, but the common foundation for 3ach 250 calorie serving comes from: maltodextrin, fructose, sodium citrate, Taurine, citric acid, leucine, valine, beta-alanine, potassium citrate, and isoleucine. White Tea Leaf extract provides the flavors with 35mg of caffeine. Grape is the only flavor that does not contain caffeine. The end result is 320mg of sodium and 1900mg of amino acids, along with 50mg of potassium, and 59g of carbs (16g from sugars). There are no complete proteins. GU fans have long reported that the drink mixes feel smoother on their digestive system than other products, and specifically those with protein. This is a personal choice and generally the body will adapt to most blends with a progressive adjustment period, but if you really struggle, but still want the muscle and lactic acid- related benefits of amino acids, we highly recommend the 24-Serving GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix.

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  • Energy and hydration mix for high intensity, demanding endurance activities
  • Includes caffeine (except Grape flavor) and Taurine
  • Tastes great, digests easily, and is quickly absorbed without irritating your gut
  • Ideal for sustained efforts of high intensity endurance riding
  • 250 calories per serving
  • 320mg sodium, 1900mg amino acids, 50mg potassium, 59g of carbs (sugars 16g)
  • 24 servings per canister
  • Choose flavor
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