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These Jagwire Sport Stainless Steel Derailleur Cables consist of stainless steel strands are pre-stretched, then extruded through a die that removes the rough edges resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for riders balancing performance, durability and cost. Stainless steel option offers greater resistance to corrosion while delivering slick mechanical action via Shimano or SRAM cable-actuated shifters

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  • Wound, pre-stretched stainless steel shift/derailleur cable
  • Weld cut end for easier installation
  • High quality SS cable at a great price
  • Ends fit Shimano and SRAM shift levers (not Campagnolo)
  • Diameter: 1.1mm
  • Length: 2300mm
  • Sold individually
  • Does NOT include end cap
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