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Let's keep this simple. You have a super durable, finely machined K-Edge mount for your Wahoo head unit that will last for years. You notice the interface is getting a little, well, sloppy or less than reassuringly tight. No worries, and no need to wait for your Edge to take flight from wear or impact, as while the insert is durable to daily use and extremely strong, the folks at K-Edge designed this insert to fail on a significant impact before the tabs on the back of the head unit break.

For the extravagant sum of $5 you can quickly and easily replace the polymer insert (worn or broken) with this specific blue Wahoo Quarter Turn Mount Replacement Kit. Two specific screws with a smidge of blue threadlocking compound and a fresh, Made in the USA, black polymer insert. For $5 we recommend you always have one in your spare parts kit at home.

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  • Fresh new polymer insert/screws for K-Edge Wahoo specific 1/4 turn mount
  • Genuine blue replacement for broken or worn insert
  • Two screws of Goldilocks-ian length with blue threadlocking compound
  • Insert designed to fail during significant impact before the tabs on the back of the head unit break- ideally prevents you from replacing your head unit
  • Keep one on hand, just in case
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