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The well executed K-Edge Gravity Stem Cap Mount system is a simple, but highly effective way of securing your head unit to your bike. This version is the Wahoo compatible design, with a Wahoo 1/4 mount insert. This Injection Molded Copolymer Interface is replaceable and designed to protect the harder plastic of the permanent tabs on the base of a Wahoo ELEMNT series head unit/computer.

Originally designed for Downhill and Enduro style riding, where an outfront mount would be more exposed, harder to read, and susceptible to more vibration, the Gravity Stem Cap Mount is also popular with the gravel and bikepacking crowd for the same vibration reasons and because it can be easier to see when not in the drops.

The mount effectively replaces your headset stem cap, and is made K-Edge style in CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum. The precision design and execution K-Edge is known for always adds a clean, finished look to your bike, and the units last for years, in part down the replaceable insert system. You get the mount, with the Wahoo insert, and an appropriate length stem stem cap bolt to replace the existing cap and bolt. Just remember, that bolt also dictates the pre-load on your headset bearings, so make sure your headset is appropriately tightened after installation.

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  • Wahoo (insert) computer mount replaces your existing top cap and is ideal for Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Touring, etc
  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Injection Molded Copolymer Interface inset is replaceable (K-Edge uses Gray for Wahoo)
  • Compatibility: Wahoo ELEMNT, Wahoo Roam, Wahoo Bolt, Wahoo Mini
  • Includes: Lifetime Warranty
  • Color: Anodized Black
  • Weight: 18 grams
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