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The Kask Elemento Helmet stands as a marvel in the world of cycling, a beacon of innovation in safety, aerodynamics, and ventilation. It's a product of Kask's relentless drive for excellence, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Fluid Carbon 12, Multipod, and the revolutionary Hyvent system, to redefine the standards of a high-performance cycling helmet.

At the forefront of its design is the Fluid Carbon 12, a groundbreaking composite technopolymer that surpasses traditional materials in impact energy absorption. This advanced material distributes force more evenly across the helmet, significantly enhancing rider protection. This key feature has allowed Kask's expert designers to innovate the internal structure of the helmet. They have increased the size of the internal channels to enhance airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience for the rider. Simultaneously, they've managed to reduce the size of the external ventilation holes, a thoughtful design choice that improves the helmet's aerodynamics without compromising on ventilation.

The Elemento's safety features are further bolstered by Multipod, Kask's proprietary 3D-printed internal padding. This specialized elastomer is designed to absorb the energy from both linear and rotational impacts effectively. Its isotropic properties provide uniform protection, ensuring that the helmet offers consistent safety regardless of the direction of impact. This innovative padding system sets a new benchmark in helmet safety and comfort.

An additional feature that sets the Elemento apart is Hyvent, a technology specifically designed to optimize airflow and thermal regulation. This system ensures that the rider's head remains cool and comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions or during strenuous rides. The inclusion of this technology speaks to Kask's commitment to providing a helmet that is both high-performing and comfortable.

The Elemento also features the OCTOFIT+ helmet retention system, a testament to Kask's dedication to fit and stability. This system allows for precise adjustments, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for the rider. The reflective graphic at the back of the helmet increases visibility, adding an essential safety feature for varying lighting conditions.

With its combination of advanced safety features, superior ventilation, and aerodynamic design, the Kask Elemento Helmet is an exemplary choice for discerning cyclists. It exemplifies Kask's commitment to providing riders with a helmet that excels in every aspect, from safety and comfort to performance and style.

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  • Fluid Carbon 12 technology for superior impact energy absorption and even force distribution across the helmet.
  • Innovative internal channel design increases airflow, enhancing rider comfort while reducing external ventilation hole size for improved aerodynamics.
  • Multipod, a 3D-printed internal padding, absorbs energy from linear and rotational impacts, offering isotropic protection.
  • Hyvent technology optimizes airflow and thermal regulation, keeping the rider's head cool and comfortable.
  • OCTOFIT+ helmet retention system allows for precise fit adjustments, enhancing safety and stability.
  • Reflective graphic at the back of the helmet increases rider visibility in varying light conditions.
  • Streamlined design balances advanced ventilation with aerodynamic efficiency, ideal for high-speed cycling.
  • Helmet design exemplifies Kask's commitment to combining safety, comfort, performance, and style.
  • Weight: 268grams (Size Medium)
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