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The Mojito-series helmet from Kask have been embraced by cycling enthusiasts for their balance of weight, ventilation, comfort and performance. The road-oriented Mojito3 (cubed) is the most advanced so far, with safety improvements, a cleaner yet still distinctive Mojito tail, and improved vent design that eases air flow, more easily cooling and carrying heat and moisture away from the skull. While a new design, it is clearly a Mojito, and the sleekest one yet.

The Kask designers have consistently sought to upgrade their helmet safety and performance and the shell construction is now in three piece, which are then molded into one assembly. The upper shell offers more inherent strength and the full EPS foam liner is pre-molded for a perfect fit. The third piece is the lower shell, which more fully protects the integrity of the foam and the entire fully molded assembly. The redesign and construction deliver up to 32% rear impact improvement, 25% at the front, and 12% at the top.

Fit and comfort are signature Kask characteristics and both are also integral to safety. The famed Octo Fit retention system offers perhaps the best ergonomic relationship to the skull than any other system. New Blue Tech padding offers superior cushioning, fast wicking, and hypoallergenic capability. These are also hand-washable. Octo Fit adjustment is through a simple rear dial that draws the fit evenly and allows for micro adjustment with one hand while on the bike, while the Up and Down features allows for proper head set-up.

As mentioned the ventilation system has been shaped and configured for overall efficiency and effectiveness, The sculpted look of the shell design actually facilitates the inflow and exhaust, while the internal foam gently guides the air over and around the skull, quietly, while easing and removing heat and moisture, so while the Mojito3 has fewer vents than the original shell design, it is now at a true advantage in providing comfort and has also moderately improved aerodynamics.

Made in Italy, the Mojito3 carries the Kask style and Mojito road lineage but it is truly a new helmet that sits in the middle of the Kask road line-up. At 230 grams for a Medium, it light and as comfortable as any helmet out there. Proper fit and use of a helmet is as crucial to safety as any specific feature, and combined with the foam and construction enhancements, Kask has delivered another great helmet. Return to Top


  • Updated and upgraded Mojito road design that is sleeker, safer, and more comfortable
  • Overall comfort from fit, ventilation, and design is top notch
  • New 3-layer construction uses InMold tech to protect upper and lower foam zones
  • Safer than ever, up to improvement of 32% on rear impact, 25% at the front, 12% on top
  • Octo Fit retention system for ergonomic comfort, with simple and easy rear dial adjustment
  • Blue Tech padding for superior cushioning
  • Advanced superior ventilation from new shell design and shaping
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight: 230 gram (Medium size)
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