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Kask has delivered several helmets that flat out establish new thought processes and design intentions for cycling helmets. The Italian company prides itself on finding the proper balance of intended function, features and use, with new approaches to existing concepts. These are simply aesthetic, but tested for viability and excellence. Through their relationship with Team Ineos, formerly Team Sky, Kask as not only produced advantages at the design table and in the CFD environment, but on the heads of the top Grand Tour cycling organization, keeping the riders cool, protected, and aero. Hence the Utopia, an aero road helmet that is breathtaking to look at, yet even better to ride in. Aerodynamics is at the forefront of Utopia’s design with ventilation alsoa key factor considered during its development. Suitable for road racing and triathlon, Utopia can be used year-round in all climates, due to its refined design focus to keep the rider cool, especially when riding at high speed.

The aero properties of the Utopia are clear. Such aspects are easily visible on many helmets, with ventilation being more challenging to engage with. Kask developed Aero Control to ensure the aerodynamics are valid, and take the Utopia far beyond the all-around road aero Protone. The shapes result in an incredibly aerodynamic and top performing shell tested in the wind-tunnel; and able to provide a really impressive CX rate (an expression of drag coefficient). Essentially kask was working out how eliminate how variable the efficiency could be be depending on rider and head position. With Aero Control Kask defined shapes and transitions so that at any head position or angle, the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet. In other words, you get more aero benefit, regardless of head position. Cyclists are not physically static, and ride in different positions for different terrain and circumstances. All too many aero helmets have been designed for an optimal position, losing effectiveness otherwise. The Utopia overcomes that deficiency.

To create air exchange and internal cooling, the HYVENT system was designed. The structure and design of the shell implement the air flow and break up the exchangeable heat between the skull and shell to keep you cool and as dry as possible. The intake and exhaust ports complement each other and the shell's aerodynamics for optimal efficiency while circulating the air within. The Utopia never feels restrictive, and is one of the few aero helmets that stays relatively cool when you aren't riding, yet yes, it is much cooler when air is flowing. The system is quiet, with subtle moving air sound, but not whistling or the feeling you are riding in a tunnel. Kask rates the Utopia as a 5/5 for aerodynamics and a 4/5 for ventilation. That is the same ventilation rating as the Protone, which many pro's wear as their every day helmet in the Tour.

In all other respects, the Utopia is the equivalent of all other top-line Kask models. From construction, through fit and retention, you find all the top tech and comfort here. The Octo Fit rear dial retention system offers more freedom and adjustment without adding bulk or weight. The padding system is amazing, featuring the tri-dimensional, multi-layer open cell 3D Dry Padding, which carries Anti-Static and Anti-Bacterial capabilities, along with high breathability. The inner padding fibers speed up the evaporation process of perspiration, to slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant. Yes, the expected Kask soft chin pad is carried by the very flexible faux leather strap that is hypoallergenic and hand-washable.

Structurally the polycarbonate shell and EPS foam are brought together with In-Mold technology. The wrapped and finished lower ring and back section carry the shell over foam areas generally left exposed, protecting them, and giving more overall structure to the Utopia's design. Yes, it passes all EU, US, and AU/NZ safety standards, with all the features and aerodynamics, at 235 grams for a Medium. Let that sink in for a moment. Now you can understand why Team Ineos, a company that is known for obsessive levels of detail, testing and winning results, partners with Kask. If you are a road racer or triathlete looking for a true aero road helmet with zero compromises, welcome to Utopia.

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  • Aerodynamically sound, lightweight cycling helmet with impressive ventilation
  • Tested and proven efficient at any head angle or position
  • Perfected fit and retention system that offers 180 degree adjustment
  • Aero Control shell design with HYVENT airflow system
  • Octo Fit retention system with rear rubberized dial control, micro-adjust
  • In Mold polycarbonate construction with MIT wrapped foam/shell coverage
  • Chin pad with very flexible faux leather strap that is hypoallergenic, hand-washable
  • 3D DRY multi layer, open cell padding is anti-bacterial, anti-static properties
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black Matt, White/Black, Black/White, Black/Yellow Fluo
  • Weight: 235 grams (Medium)
  • Made in Italy
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