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Kask has established their excellence for aero integration for road cycling with the Infinity, Protone and Utopia models, which were spurred largely by their partnership with Team INEOS Grenadiers (formerly SKY). Further development of the concept drove more truly effective innovation in the incredible Wasabi Helmet, but the shell design is also designed to allow you manually adjust airflow as needed. Featuring an adjustable airflow port that allows the wearer to easily increase or decrease ventilation depending on conditions, the Wasabi offers optimal comfort and thermoregulation. This exceptional feature, combined with a Merino wool lining by REDA, Italian styling and a highly aerodynamic profile, makes the Wasabi an exciting new premium offering in Kask's existing range of premium cycling helmets.

The Wasabi ensures temperature regulation like no other helmet, thanks to its adjustable airflow system. With the push of a finger, a centralized vent can be opened when conditions start to heat up, or closed when things cool down for a 34.7°F internal temperature increase, when ridden at the same speed. With less than one watt lost between the helmet vent being opened and closed at 50km/h, wind tunnel testing confirms the Wasabi is one of the pro peloton’s fastest helmets, second only to Kask’s Utopia. Thanks to these impressive aerodynamic and ventilating features, coupled with a premium merino wool lining made by Italian wool mill, REDA for protection against uncomfortable temperatures, it is no surprise that the Wasabi is quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst the INEOS Grenadiers.

The Wasabi is a premium level Kask helmet, and as such comes equipped with their tried and tested Octo Fit head retention system. This excellent mechanism allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment for the perfect fit. Despite the helmet’s advanced adjustable ventilation system, it weighs just 290 grams in a size Medium and maintains top-level safety features as well. As a manufacturer at the forefront of helmet design across multiple sporting disciplines, Kask strives to develop class-leading helmets that have been subjected to rigorous testing far beyond the mandatory industry standards. Ensuring that all Kask helmets offer the best possible protection against rotational impacts is fundamental to this principle. As such, the Wasabi has been rigorously tested against both linear and rotational impacts at an independent laboratory, striking flat and angled surfaces. When it comes to safety, KASK makes no compromises.

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  • Aero, all-weather helmet with manual sliding port, full safety features, impressive comfort and fit
  • EPS foam liner and polycarbonate shell combine with other design features for safety
  • Subjected to rigorous testing far beyond the mandatory industry standards
  • WG11 Rotational Impact Testing certified
  • Active Ventilation System features centralized vent can be opened when conditions heat up or closed when they cool down
  • REDA Merino wool pads help stabilize body temperature, ensure high breathability, and fast drying when in contact with skin
  • Octo Fit retention system with rear rubberized Micro Dial; vertical and horizontal adjustment, internal gel pads
  • High visibility graphics
  • Helmet Bag included
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black Matte, White Matte, Blue Matte, Burgundy Matte
  • Weight: 290 grams (claimed, Medium)
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