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The MissingLink for KMC X-12 chains is available in three options. First is the standard nickel-plated option with a Silver finish. Second is the titanium nitride (Ti-N) which produces a Gold finish, while the third is the DLC (Diamond Like Coating), in Black. These links are compatible with all X-12 chains, and KMC states that these are also compatible with SRAM 12-Speed chains. Easy to install and use, these single-use links are exceptionally reliable and all finishes are wear and corrosion resistant.

KMC's DLC finished MissingLink adds durability and longevity over other finishes- which generally wear at the same rate as your chain, but some riders find the upgrade useful. DLC promotes smooth glide and reduced wear, which is always welcome in any drivetrain component. While not rated as highly as the DLC, the Ti-N Gold-colored finish option is characterized by very high hardness and corrosion resistance, leading to a surface that is ultra-smooth and extremely durable. The nickel-plating of the Silver color is very similar to that found on SRAM Force and Shimano Ultegra level options, both of which are known for durability and value, so the Silver is still a great option.

These master links should be installed new with a new chain and disposed of with the chain, when the chain has reached the end of its life cycle. KMC maintains that these 12-Speed links are non-reusable and recommend installing a new MissingLink when reinstalling your chain. Sold here as a 2-pack, you can always have a spare in your seatbag for rare emergency use. KMC recommends their MissingLink Closer and Opener pliers, but most such tools, even compact models, will generally work properly.

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  • MIssingLink single-use master link for specified 12-Speed chains, sold in a pack of 2
  • Steel half links made with precision, that fit together and secure for seamless chain/cog interaction
  • Compatible with all 12-Speed KMC X-12, SRAM chains
  • Treated for durability
  • Non-reusable design
  • Options: Silver, Ti-N Gold, DLC Black
  • Sold as a 2-Pack
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