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Road Chains

The KMC X10SL Silver chain is packed with both technology and value. The 10 speed specific X10SL chain fits all Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM drivetrains. Each chain includes KMC's magical MissingLink master link, which provides you with tool-less installation and removal of the chain. Perfect for routine maintenance and cleaning duties.

KMC is the world's largest producer of bicycle chains and offers other bicycle component manufacturers branded engineering products. This means that some of the more popular chains you have noticed on the market are actually KMC products. When it comes to producing top quality chains, steeped with quality and contemporary technology, KMC is the industry leader.

The X10SL Silver chain is features KMC proprietary X Bridge shaping on the outer links. This produces a very stiff link assembly for more accurate shifts and less stretch for better longevity and life cycle. Both inner and outer links are completely nickel plated and have weight saving cut-outs. The pins are hollow for additional weight savings and help bring the total chain weight down to a scant 253 grams. The bushing-less roller design is super smooth and very quiet during operation. The MissingLink connecting link is reusable for the life of the chain and makes installation and removal an easy task. Simply put this is the one of the best 10 speed chains you can purchase and is proven to work flawlessly on all 10 speed road and mountain drivetrains.

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  • Nickel plated inner and outer links
  • Cut out inner and outer plates
  • Hollow pins
  • Bushing-less design
  • MissingLink 10 master link included
  • Works on all 10 speed drivetrains
  • 114 links
  • X Bridge technology
  • 253 grams

The X10SL Silver chain is compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 10 speed drivetrains.

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Average Rating:

Posted on August 10, 2018
This chain is awesome. I have 10-speed SRAM Red and have been using a relatively new SRAM PC-1091R chain since January of this year. The chain was noticeably noisy and slow shifting. The KMC is a huge improvement. Shifts are instant with no hesitation and it's much more quiet. I am amazed at what an improvement it is.

Posted on September 16, 2016
I replaced my SRAM chain with this KCM chain. My 10speed SRAM Force group was two years old when I switched to KCM chains, it never shifted this good, even when everything was new. Love the missing link.

Posted on March 3, 2014
Nice, solid chain. Runs quieter and shifts better than SRAM chains on my SRAM Red grouppo.

Posted on January 3, 2014
Been a Campy guy forever, with a couple of Wipperman's in the mix... The KMC X10SL is very smooth and light... works flawlessly with a Campy Chorus 10 speed drive train. Highly recommended.

Posted on February 22, 2012
When the Ultegra 6701 chain that came on my Cervelo R3 wore out after 6 months, I replaced with the KMC X10SL. My reason for changing brands was that I prefer a chain with a master link to the Shimano pin system, but I've found that the KMC is a big improvement over the Shimano in shifting.

The Ultegra shifted fine to larger cogs, but, despite repeated adjustments, was finicky about shifting to smaller cogs, occasionally hanging. The KMC shifts very positively both ways, hasn't required adjustments, and works better with my Rotor crank. I dropped the Ultegra off the Rotor a few times; I haven't had that problem with the KMC.

Finally, the Ultegra was unidirectional; you don't have to deal with that with the KMC. The KMC is a little lighter too.