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Lazer's distinctive, well equipped road helmets meet the expectation for lightweight performance. With the development of the brain safety MIPS protection system, helmet companies at Lazer's level have been working to take advantage of MIPS, but still create a lightweight helmet. At 236 grams for a Small, the Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet is right there with the lightest MIPS helmets, yet retains many of the great aspects and ventilation of the Genesis, from which it derives, and delivers the proven protection of MIPS technology.

The G1 MIPS has been constructed with the EPS liner, polycarbonate shell, and InMold technology familiar to any helmet buyer. The shell design features 22 vents that allow to infiltrate, circulate, then exhaust- all without compromising strength and structure. Weight has been saved wherever feasible, but not at the reduction in protection. Instead the designers at Lazer created lightweight versions of the popular Advanced Rollsys retention and Adjusted Head Basket fit systems. The top mount roller dial is easy to access and allows for fast and easy micro-adjustment while basket fit structure comfortable cradles and supports the skull with smooth, equal pressure. Lazer ships the G1 MIPS with two sets of fast wicking pads, Race and Comfort. Comfort adds a little more thickness, while Race is slimmer for a closer fit and slightly lower profile. A second advantage is the that Race pads shed moisture more quickly and dry faster as well. Of course the pads can be hand washed, and feature anti-microbial properties to fight odor and funk.

The new structural shape of the G1 MIPS allows for a clean finish of the MIPS layer. The integration with the MIPS protection system takes place under the helmet's shell. MIPS separates the fit lining and carriage of the helmet from the shell. The two are connected at four points with a stretch material. In normal use the shell is stable. But what MIPS researchers, and others, have learned about collision and impact has to do with the movement of the brain within the skull at impact. Torsional and rotational forces can damage the brain as much or more than a direct impact. When cycling, certainly there can be a helmet impact, which even when the structure retains it&# shape and protection, can cause both direct and rebound injuries . However, there are also many ways for the skull to suffer an rotational injury from a strike to the side or from a low angle. In isolating the shell from the fit system, MIPS allows the shell to move- from impact, or torsion, 10-15mm independently from the skull. This drastically reduces the effects of both impact and rebound forces that result in brain injuries. While there are no guarantees, MIPS has greatly improved the level of protection that a helmet can provide.

Lazer has delivered all this in a lightweight, World Tour level road race helmet that is cool enough for the heat of summer in the mountains, where the steep climbs are matched by treacherous, high speed descents.

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  • Advanced, lightweight road helmet with proven MIPS brain safety technology
  • Excellent ventilation from 22 directional strategic vents
  • In-Mold EPS/Polycarbonate construction for integrated strength, structural integrity
  • MIPS layer between skull and helmet structure reduces shearing forces on impact
  • Lightweight Advanced RollSys retention system delivers symmetrical tension with micro-adjustability via thumb roll dial at back
  • New, lighter Advanced Head Basket System cradles the skull with equal pressure and is vertically for adjustability that sets the basket in the proper position
  • Soft, wide nylon straps are easy to use and adjust, comfortable on skin
  • Comes with Comfort and Race pads, featuring Coolmax technology
  • Meets or exceeds all US CPSC and EU CEN impact/safety requirements
  • Compatible with Lazer Aeroshell system
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight: 236 grams (Small)
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Head Circumference52-56 cm / 20"-22"55-59 cm / 21.5"-23.5"58-61 cm / 22.5"-24"
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