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Lezyne's CO2 inflators have quickly become recognized for their precision machining and ease of use. The 16 gram threaded cartridges are not proprietary and can be used by with any CO2 inflator that has the standard threaded interface. We love that Lezyne offers a 10 pack as it makes it easy to gauge the actual cost per cartridge. Cyclists and triathletes use CO2 for fast, easy filling without the need to carry a frame or mini-pump and know that a rash of bad luck can deplete the cartridge supply easily, so a 10-pack at our great price is a solid investment. 16 gram cartridges will generally deliver about 120-130psi to 700x23 road tires. Please keep in mind that as your tire width/volume goes up, the pressure achieved will decrease.

One note on CO2 use and one safety reminder. You will find that tubes/tires filled with CO2 lose pressure more quickly than standard air. It is a good idea to refresh your inflation with air from your standard floor pump or compressor the day after using CO2. Consider the CO2 cartridge to be your emergency fill, not your standard fill. For safety, remember that CO2 cartridges get incredibly cold when the CO2 is released. Protect your hands and use caution with empty cartridges. Limit your downtime and save your forearms during a flat fix with CO2 cartridges from Lezyne with this 10 pack.

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  • 10 pack of 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges
  • Can be used with any standard threaded CO2 inflator
  • Always protect your hands when filling with CO2 (cold!)
  • One 16g fill delivers 125-130psi in most 700x23 road tires
  • Store in cool, dry place
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