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Prefer less flash and to actually use glue when you affix a patch to your tube? That means you like the plastic case, the glue, round and oval patches, a scuffer, and a tire boot. Lezyne created the Classic Kit to be just that, a classic-style patch kit. You get eight total patches, six round, two oval. The glue comes sealed for freshness, all 7cc of it, which will go a long way if you properly tighten the top once you are done. That's it, a Classic Kit. Use it, don't lose, always scuff your tube, allowds the glue to set, and close the tube tight!

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  • Lezyne's take on a classic patch kit in a plastic case
  • Old school glue and patch system that can create a permanent repair if properly used
  • Includes: Stainless Scuffer, 6 Round / 2 Oval Patches, Tire Boot, Rubber Adhesive
  • Traditional, dependable patch kit.
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