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When it comes to purchase and ownership of the best floor pump money can buy, the CNC Digital Floor Pump should be on your short list. And when it comes to the build quality and brilliant use of precision machined CNC'd and polished aluminum, this pump is in a league of its own.

The first thing you will most likely notice about the CNC Drive is the high polish mirror-like finish. Both handle, oversize barrel and shaft have CNC's alloy composition that has been polished beyond belief. This treatment gives the pump its distinctive look and feel. This finish is very easy to keep sparkling clean so it will look like new after much use and abuse. The base features a light but durable non-polished CNC alloy construction. The primary pump head is the improved ABS2. This chuck has a red sleeve. For Presta use, slide the chuck back, then push the chuck down onto the valve. Slide the sleeve down, then twist to seal. To remove, pull back on the slide for a quick release type action. For Schrader, simply thread the chuck sleeve on and off the valve. On the chuck is the clever Air Bleed System (ABS) to relieve tire pressure if necessary, as well as suction built up in the hose. The ABS works with both valve types. Also included is a Lezyne Slip Chuck which is a small right angle chuck that foregoes the threading and slips right on the valve. It also doubles as a disc pump head. Each of these pump head have small replaceable rubber gaskets to ensure they will function perfectly for years to come. Attaching the ABS2 chuck to the pump is a bomber braided hose that has a long 42" length to reach your valve in just about any situation. The CNC Drive pumps up to an amazing 220 psi.

Gone is the needle gauge. It has been replaced with Lezyne Digital Gauge. Although the retro-look and style still appeals to us, the function of a contemporary digital gauge is better in every conceivable way. These days, it is important to get the precision you need when you are pumping low volume for tubeless for MTB or cyclocross or higher pressures for road. When you go digital, the readings of pressure are spot-on accurate with every stroke.

When it comes to attaching value to reliability and quality design the Steel Drive is tough to beat. Then add the Digital Gauge and it puts this product over the top. If you need a new pump for the long haul and you require the best there is, you've found it right here.

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  • CNC'd alloy construction
  • Oversize 28mm barrel
  • 43" braided hose
  • High polished barrel, shaft and handle
  • Accurate digital gauge
  • Outstanding build quality
  • 220 max psi
  • Slip Chuck Included for disc wheels
  • ABS2 chuck works on both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 7.9 x 25"
  • Weight: 2.85lbs
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