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For those of you who hate mini-pumps as too small and hard to use and floor pumps that are too big to be portable, Lezyne has developed a model just for you: the Digital Micro Floor Drive HPG Pump. Weighing in at 208 grams and sized at just 300mm long, this high pressure pump can drive 160psi, though we think 130psi is the most reasonable max people run off the track. Equipped with a short ergonomic T-handle, fold-up foot peg, an Flex Hose with an integrated StripDrive Digital Gauge, and an ABS Flip Chuck head for Presta and Schrader valves, this is surely the pump for the cyclists who don't want to be caught out miles from home without proper air pressure.

Given that the Digital Micro Floor Drive HPG Pump mounts cleanly on most frames with the included composite water bottle boss mount, you can truly carry the capability and accuracy of a digital floor pump with you anywhere. The lightweight CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston, base, stainless steel foot peg and CNC aluminium T-handle ooze of premium construction and are optimized for regular use in high pressure applications. Accuracy is crucial and the integrated ABS air bleed system allows you release a few undesirable psi if need be. The super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge is completely integrated into the Flex Hose with direct access for replacing the 3V CR1220 coin-style battery. The 1.6" digital display is easy to read, can be set for bar or psi measurement, has a reset feature (read the instructions), and also a battery level indicator.

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  • The ultimate portable high pressure road pump
  • Light and compact CNC-machined aluminum construction, fittings
  • Mounts to bike like a mini-pump, but with true floor pump features
  • Hose integrated super low-profile, super accurate Digital Strip Gauge
  • Easily replaceable 3V CR1220 battery for gauge
  • 1.6" digital gauge easy to read, can be reset, read in bar or psi, has battery meter
  • Flip Chuck ABS dual head for Presta/Schrader, with Flex Hose
  • Stainless steel foot peg folds-up
  • Max pressure: 160psi / 11 bar
  • Length: 300mm (11.8")
  • Includes H20 boss bracket, screws, velcro strap
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 208 grams
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