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The Lezyne Road Drive is a high pressure pump designed for your road bike. The Road Drive's build is a complete CNC construction. That means the barrel, piston, handle, end caps and even the frame mount's constitution are all beautifully polished CNC aluminum. Simply fantastic. It is a tad smaller in diameter than the Pressure Drive, so if you prefer more pumps per air volume in trade for a lower profile pump on your bike frame, this is a great choice.

The Road Drive is available in black or silver (both polished) and comes equipped with an ABS (Anti Bleed System) Speed Flex Hose, which is a Presta Only inflation system. One end of the hose is a threaded Presta valve connection with ABS, while the other side has Lezyne's Slip Fit system for fast valve engagement. Basically, you get the best of both Presta style heads. Return to Top


  • Complete CNC construction
  • Dual Presta ABS hose
  • Super tight tolerance
  • Top quality construction
  • 160psi max
  • Choose from black or silver
  • 7" or 180mm
  • 82 grams
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