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When redesigning a beloved product that has become almost legendary for cyclists ranging from recreational to World Tour pro's, it became crucial for the Lizard Skins designers to make real improvements without creating a product that didn't closely resemble the original, in this case the famed DSP Bar Tape. The Durable Soft Polymer product was ahead of it's time, delivering grip, feel, and durability in a bar tape that also protected the rider from vibration and impact. The best selling version of the first generation has been the 2.5mm thickness, which is the mid-thickness in the line-up and ideal for road cyclists who log miles and hours over all kinds of pavement, in all kinds of weather and temperatures. So with V2, Lizard Skins made three key improvements that build off the success of the original, while feeling familiar and advancing overall performance.

The success of DSP has been a combination of the durability, stretch and inherent properties of the soft polymer. The V2 features a newly engineered polymer base that increases longevity and grip, while being more effective in harsh road conditions- all without adding thickness, so the line-up still offers 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 3.2mm models. A new patterning has also been designed, which increases potential grip in all directions, and will shed water and perspiration more effectively. The third improvement was the development of a new screw-in bar plug, which engages the tape more effectively and when used properly should prevent accidental tape failure incidents, while being able to screw out makes removal just as simple as retention.

Still the choice of several pro cycling teams (and many individual pro's), Lizard Skin's DSP Bar Tape, is widely praised by cyclists of all levels. These pros spend an incredible amount of high stress time racing and training, and there is no such thing as compromise when it comes to even the least expensive piece of equipment on their bikes. Utterly reliable bar tape that offers grip, feel, and protection from winter training through the scorching heat off the road in high summer is not only crucial, but a personal imperative. Lizard Skins DSP allows the rider to relax their hands and grip without loss of control. It doesn't require a vise-like grasp to be effective. Ask any cyclist who logs miles and they will tell you every opportunity they have to relax their hands- and in turn their forearms, triceps and shoulders- spares them energy and physical stress that impacts not only the day, but the next one as well.

With the growing gravel and adventure cycling culture, we have seen an increase in bar tape sales that often stress thick cushion and grip, and many such tapes are now available, but many cyclists prefer protection and grip with feel, or perhaps don't have large hands, and Lizard Skin's DSP V2 2.5mm bar tape may offer the ideal balance. It is also available in a variety of great colors. We highly recommend it.

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  • 2nd generation Durable Soft Polymer handlebar tape with familiar feel and improved performance, yet among the lightest available
  • New V2 polymer developed to offer better grip, durability and protection at the same thickness as V1
  • Newly designed grip pattern offers better multi-direction control; improved moisture release
  • Screw-in bar plugs add more effective hold, prevents accidental release; while being easy to remove
  • Feel, grip and control defy dry, wet conditions and high or low temperatures
  • Excellent longevity; we recommend watching Lizard Skins bar wrapping video for optimal results
  • Length: Two rolls offer 82" of tape, offering preferred wrapping overlap and fit for most wide bars
  • Includes: Two finishing tapes, Two screw in bar plugs, 2 lever segments
  • Colors: Wide array of colors- see selection menu
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 56 grams
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