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LOOK's Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals have gone through several design iterations and the 2017 release is a clear upgrade, with a 25% larger pedal/cleat contact surface that offers a clear power to weight improvement, and a reduced-friction, more efficient and durable axle/bearing set-up. Each pedal comes in at 125 grams, with a full pedal, Keo Grip cleat, and hardware set weighing just 312 grams.

The carbon body of the Keo 2 Max gains stiffness from a 3mm wider design. Over the full complement of the surface, the area increases to 500 mm². Cleat stability and power transfer is tangible over the previous generation. LOOK did carry the integrated stainless steel top plate across that whole area as well, so you don't need to worry about uneven wear over time.

The Keo 2 Max Carbon had already featured a Chromoly+ axle, carrying an outer roller bearing, inner sealed ball bearing, and dual lip seal. Previously a serrated washer held the roller bearing in place, but now a composite conical spacer is used and the result is an elimination of internal play, a much smoother and balanced bearing platform, and much less friction overall. The older serrated washer system eventually developed wear over time that led to more overall play and movement over time, and that had the potential to damage the bearings and body. LOOK's goal to was make the Keo 2 Max much more reliable, while improving performance. Mission accomplished.

The grey Keo Grip cleatset has been a favorite of road cyclists since it's release, featuring rubber surfaces on the base (fore and aft) of the cleat that don't interfere with the pedal cleat interface, but make it safer and more convenient to toe down at a stop sign, or walk when necessary. Of course you get the full complement of screw and washer hardware required for most shoe installations. The Grey cleats feature 4.5° of angular float, and the tension spring on the back of the pedal allows to set the release tension that works best for you. We believe the redesigned LOOK Keo 2 Max Carbon pedals punch above their weight and price point, and are suitable for road cyclists from sport-recreational to full on racers. Everyone will enjoy the new power transfer, stability, and durability.

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  • 2017 release redesigned Keo 2 Max Carbon pedal system
  • Carbon body has been widened at axle, results in 25% more platform (500 mm²
  • Integrated stainless steel covers platform for max durability, reduced cleat friction
  • New conical spacer holds outer needle bearing in place, eliminating play
  • Chromoly+ steel axle carries dual lip seal, locknut, sealed bearing, conical spacer and needle bearing; system is serviceable, but much more durable
  • Pedal set includes grey Keo Grip Cleat set with hardware, 4.5° float
  • Grip cleats have rubber pads on base of cleat at toe and heel for walking
  • Pedal/cleat stack height: 17.3mm
  • Spring tension adjustment for cleat release from 8-12Nm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 125g/pedal, full pedal and cleat set 312g
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