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The LOOK Keo Blade Power Meter Pedals represent the pinnacle of LOOK's power meter technology, featuring a cutting-edge design and high-performance capabilities. Constructed from a Keo Blade carbon pedal body with a stainless-steel plate, these pedals seamlessly integrate all electronic components and sensors within the pedal chassis, ensuring a design that is both lightweight and functional. Similar in stack height and Q-Factor to standard road pedals, they offer improved efficiency with a 16 nm carbon blade for retention, which is 20% lighter than traditional metal springs.

These pedals feature dual-sided power and are equipped with all the modern features expected from a contemporary power meter. They support ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART connectivity for versatile pairing and feature a rechargeable battery that provides up to 60 hours of usage. The pedals boast an accuracy of +/- 1.0%, making them the lightest power meter pedals on the market at just 130 grams each. Moreover, the pedals include an active temperature compensation feature to maintain accuracy across varying temperatures and a smartphone app that assists in checking installation and monitoring firmware updates.

Compatibility-wise, the LOOK Keo Blade Power Meter Pedals are suitable for any road bike and are designed to be used with 3-bolt LOOK Keo cleats. The dual-sided model features sensors in both pedals for measuring power from each leg individually and can analyze the power distribution between the left and right legs. In contrast, the single-sided model has a sensor on the left pedal and doubles the value to estimate total power output. These pedals come with grey 4.5-degree float LOOK Grip Keo cleats, with additional options for purchasing cleats in black with 0-degree float or red with 9-degree float. Key features include compatibility with any bike, ease of installation, dual-leg power measurement, ultra-lightweight design, and a fully integrated system with a 3-year warranty.

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  • Constructed with a Keo Blade carbon pedal body and stainless-steel plate, integrating all electronics within the pedal
  • Features similar stack height and Q-Factor dimensions to standard road pedals, enhancing compatibility and comfort
  • Available in both dual-sided and single-sided versions, with ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery offering up to 60 hours of battery life
  • Boasts an accuracy of +/- 1.0%, and is the lightest power meter pedal on the market at 130 grams per pedal
  • Includes active temperature compensation to ensure accurate power readings regardless of temperature changes
  • Comes with grey 4.5-degree float LOOK Grip Keo cleats, with optional cleats available for different float degrees
  • Features a smartphone app for checking installation accuracy and firmware monitoring
  • 130 grams per pedal
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