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The Keo Grip cleat feature a rubber tread on the front and rear of the cleat to provide better safety and traction when walking. They fit slightly snugger than the standard non-grip Keo cleats which produces a secure pedal/cleat interface and reduce noise. Albeit a little more expensive than the non-Grip Keo cleat, these are the preferred cleat of choice amongst many Look Keo users.

The cleats are molded from durable nylon and feature and integrated and textured rubber tabs on the bottom ends of the cleat. The cleats are color coded with black being 0 degrees/fixed, grey 4.5 degrees of float and red with 9 degrees of float. Sold in pairs with all mounting hardware and directions.

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  • Choose from 0 degree fixed, 4.5 degree or 9 degree float
  • Teflon Inserts for smooth pedal/cleat interface
  • Recessed wear indicators under cleat
  • Sold in pairs, all mounting hardware included
  • Not compatible with older non-Keo Look pedals
  • Made in France
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