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Time Alpe DHuez 01 AKTIV Frameset 2018

Special offering on select premium Time framesets in limited sizes. If you have questions about the frame or want to discuss a complete build, contact us at or call 800.627.6664.

Pairing front-end compliance with a premium handbuilt carbon frame, the 2018 Time Alpe D'Huez 01 AKTIV frameset is perhaps the best of both worlds. The lightest frameset Time had ever offered on it's release, the Alpe D'Huez 01 is a stunning representation of what exemplifies Time's commitment to excellence, handmade construction, self-driven innovation, and a road feel that is unmatched in the industry. Made in France, by craftspeople who have been working with strand by strand carbon fiber production as long as carbon has been used in bicycles, Time bikes have a soul, an essence that has to be ridden to be understood and delineate. The history of Time, and their unique, often proprietary construction method is well published. Here we want to focus on the end result, and in this case the 2018 Alpe D'Huez 01 AKTIV Frameset. The story of this bike is "where lightweight and stiffness meet" with the goal to make the most responsive, acceleration friendly climbing machine available. Hence the naming via one the most famous climbs in all of cycling. Where does AKTIV come in?Read on.

At 840 grams for the frame it is 8.6% lighter than it's Izon predecessor and an incredible 25% stiffer. Of course that type of advancement can also lead to minimizing comfort, and remember this a pro-level frameset, but here is where Time's experience directly testing, weaving, and building carbon tubes from fiber strands has allowed them to ensure a reasonable level of compliance has been built in. The engineers employ several carbon fiber strands in the braid, with HR Fibers (high resistance), HM fibers (high modulus), and basalt fiber, with the numbers and weave of each matching the physical requirements of each tube and junction.

The Alpe D'Huez 01 is nothing if a study in balancing the equation, with the emphasis on lightweight stiffness. The Time Quickset headset bearing and adjustment system allows them to keep the front low, with incredibly reliable and minutely adjustable bearing pre-load. A molded top plate slide down over the Kevlar and Vectran weave carbon fork steerer, sitting low and flush, ready to accept the stem in an aggressive posture, though it can still be spaced higher. The standard rim brake special ACTIV fork comes with built-in Carbon Matrix Technology (CMT) inserts to defeat and change the vibration frequency that travels up the fork. Now long descents after an arduous climb, let along the long rolling roads traveled to get there, have less of a fatiguing effect on the rider. AKTIV works, and though the fork is then a little heavier than its standard sibling, the benefits are clear and you don't sacrifice performance in any way. For reference, you can see the CMT offsets in the fork leg design in ACTIV.

The tube shapes of the Alpe D'Huez 01 are perfectly refined to manage the forces required, and to deliver pure structural integration. Time starts by using their carbon fiber weave made in-house. They use over 7300 total threads which total nearly 3KM in length. Three percent of the Alpe d’Huez's fibers are Vectran, a material more commonly found in tires (think the Continental GP 4000s II), which the engineers believe adds vibration absorption to a frame. Time then uses their Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) build process, which consists of injecting resin under pressure into a mold to obtain a solid homogeneous structure of the desired structure. The front triangle is a combined weave, while the seat stays and chainstays are built separately, then lug bonded onto the rear triangle. Time has deep traditional experience with lug designs because the systems can allow far more specificity within the tubes than a full compressed carbon lay-up.

Time's engineers go to great lengths to find the best materials, tube designs and construction processes for the frame being created, period, and have a full complement of techniques and frame development experiences to draw from. Every detail on this frameset features that level of introspection and care. Examine the carbon dropouts, as well as the excellence of the molded carbon seatpost clamp, and witness master craftsmanship and care at work.

The seattube cluster has an integrated and aero shape to it finishing in the rear at the aforementioned carbon plate of the seatclamp, and it houses Time's Directlink D-shaped carbon seatpost. The post is lightweight, and only available in a zero offset model, but has a generous adjustment system. The carbon clamp plate is held by two reasonable size hex bolts. How many times have we seen many of today's complex wedge systems, with tiny recessed Hex bolts either strip out, get stuck, or simply fail? All too often. In general, we feel the seatpost fastening system isn't the place to get tricky or worry about gram count. Apparently Time feels the same way.

With the size and scope of the oversized bottom bracket junction, Time opted for the BB386 bottom bracket shell because of the flexibility it offers in crankset selection and how it complements the size and stiffness of the bottom bracket junction. A braze-on type front derailleur tab sits in a reinforced, shaped zone that is highly effective with the power of today's electronic drivetrain front derailleurs. This a pure road, climbing oriented frameset, so standard 100/130mm quick release dropouts are featured. Both electronic and mechanical shifting systems can be used, with all routing cleanly and efficiently internal.

The finish is a wonder in itself, as this Hero paint scheme features a graphite/matte combination. In direct light the graphite looks more silver, but seems darker when dropped into shadow. Offset by the white paint and limited clean logos, the effect is of understated elegance, but intriguing visual resonance that is hard to turn away from. Tire clearance runs to 28mm, though that can vary with tire manufacturing and rim width. For a climbing machine the Alpe D'Huez 01 has wonderful road manners, descends with the best of framesets, has the soothing benefits of AKTIV, and just delivers a ride quality that is hard to describe. It is built with science and testing, yet the result is more alchemy and emotional.


  • 2018 light weight climbing/mountain frame/ACTIV fork handbuilt in France
  • Full Carbon RTM Alpe d'Huez 21 frame, CMT inserts (Carbon Matrix Technology )
  • Braided carbon fibers: HR Fibers (high resistance) HM fibers (high modulus), basalt fibers (along with Vectran and Kevlar fibers as required)
  • Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process of pressure molding tube sections together with junctions; stays are affixed with lug system
  • Carbon RTM Alpe d'Huez AKTIV Fork with Quickset headset system
  • Time's Racingdrive Geometry 73/73 ST/HT angles, low, aggressive
  • Aero principles, but focus on lateral stiffness, lightweight
  • Directlink D-shaped carbon zero offset seatpost, proprietary, clamped at rear
  • BB386 bottom bracket shell, Braze-on FD tab, 100/130mm QR dropouts
  • Internal routing for Electronic & Mechanical shifting systems; brake housing
  • Rim brake frameset only, tires up to 700x28mm
  • Incredible craftsmanship, attention to detail and finish work
  • Sizes: Small (54cm), Medium (55.5cm ETT), Large (57cm ETT)
  • Finish: Graphite/White (Hero)


Reg Price $5,750.00